On April 8, 2014, I found a call for novella submissions that was perfectly suited to me. Right in the middle of my wheelhouse. The catch? The deadline was May 1. One of the ways I hone my craft is to run writing drills to see what I can do in a short amount of... Continue Reading →


20 Questions (or maybe 10)

When the urge to write appears, I want to be ready to take advantage of that early fire to the fullest extent possible. The first flush of creativity makes the words fly forth from my fingertips and I’m on top of the world (whichever world I happen to be writing in). Inevitably, the words slow,... Continue Reading →

“In Time”

I’ve often heard the expression that things come in their own time. I’m not always the most patient of people. Lady Wafflenose (my inner critic) takes this to the next level. She has a schedule, and she expects my creativity to reach maximum velocity at specific intervals and make stops at all the right stations... Continue Reading →

Art Feeds Art

I have more hobbies than anyone I’ve ever met. Sewing? Of course! Clothes, quilts, curtains, even puppets. Music? I can make passable sounds from half a dozen instruments or more. Sports? Okay, not so much, unless you count yoga and Tai Chi… and walking. I could name dozens of other hobbies I pursue, things that... Continue Reading →

Writers Helping Writers

Authors with a passion for words will hone their craft; whether they use research, workshops, critique groups, or the most important means – practice! There are many tools for becoming a better wordsmith. One of the most important methods for me has been helping and receiving help from other writers. Maybe one writer I know... Continue Reading →

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