When you write, you’re never alone. Your characters are with you, your worlds. And if you’re lucky, so is your muse. I see my muse as that inner voice that tells me to add a paragraph break in a spot where I don't think it's necessary, but provides perfect pacing when I’m reading the piece... Continue Reading →



I am not a person who is overly fond of shoes. I own maybe half a dozen pairs and only actually wear three of them (everyday sneakers, sandals for rare skirt appearances, and hiking boots for muddy days at the park). I’m usually most concerned about comfort when I search for clothing, so I have... Continue Reading →

For Love of Writing

Sometimes I forget why I’m here. Not in the existential sense, but why I’m at the keyboard. Why do I stay up late and skip gatherings or even meals to get the words down on the page? What drives me to keep writing book after book, to continuously study the craft and the industry, when... Continue Reading →


When you write shorter pieces, the good and the bad can be more sharply defined. You don’t have time or word count to soften the edges. Maybe this is why my weaknesses become so much more apparent to me in shorter works. If I’m repeating the same phrases or words in an 80,000 word novel,... Continue Reading →

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