Poetry (for A.E. Ash)

Success needs to be celebrated! My very dear friend, A.E. Ash was just published in "Five Poetry" magazine! I am a huge fan of poetry. I am not a poet. In writing prose, the trick is always to show what’s happening, both inside and out of the characters, rather than telling what is happening. Immersing... Continue Reading →


Monkey Mind

It’s amazing the things that I’ll come up with to distract myself from writing (take this blog post, for instance). Earlier, I caught myself looking at my arms and wondering if my biceps were the same size. I’ll suddenly remember a picture that I just have to send to someone right that moment. The most... Continue Reading →

Ebb and Flow

Writing every day is a wonderful habit to cultivate. I work hard to make the time, to show the discipline to make it happen. Sometimes, though, I need to let go of that expectation. Life is busy and curve-balls can come out of nowhere. It’s important to make a consistent practice of writing. It’s also... Continue Reading →

Thinking Outside Yourself

Lately, the summer sky has been filled with enormous fluffy white clouds. High altitude winds sometimes stack them into floating skyscrapers. I’ve been watching them as much as I can, imprinting them in my memory to call up when my mind gets stuck in the details of living. It’s made me realize just how much... Continue Reading →

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