Behind the Curtain

When you start to study the craft of writing, to really roll up your sleeves and dig into the guts of the matter, you have to let go of something. You have to let go of being surprised. Sure, there will still be moments and pieces that catch you off guard, but they’ll be fewer... Continue Reading →



The most insidious form of procrastination for my writing hides in plain sight. “I don’t have time to write.” And yet, I have time to check my email, play a video game, or look at cute cat pictures on the Internet. I think we’ve all slid down this rabbit hole before. I’m doing my best... Continue Reading →

The Call

Many famous authors talk about their rejection letter collections, and thinking about it that way is how I’ve handled mine. When I send out queries, I’ve armored by writer’s heart by thinking of rejections as additions to my collection. There was always hope alongside that shield that someday I’d get some amazing news instead. That... Continue Reading →


There is a tiny voice inside every artist that tells us what to do with our works. “Change that line. This isn’t in character. This scene doesn’t belong here.” The more we create, the more we listen to that voice, the stronger it becomes. The easier it is to hear. I first became aware of... Continue Reading →

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