The Merry-Go-Round

I finished editing Wandering Soul recently. Again. When I reached the end, there were a few concerns I needed to check (such as, I thought I might have removed too many dialogue tags – nope, it’s all good). During that final check, I noticed more things I could fix. A very dangerous thought presented itself.... Continue Reading →



Autumn is my favorite season for writing. There’s a heady mix of activity and introspection as I get ready for the year’s end while looking ahead to the winter. The steel gray of the sky contrasting with the brightly colored leaves holds a particular creative magic. The weather is cool and crisp, perfect for activity... Continue Reading →

Those We Love

When I wonder what to work on next, I usually look to my characters for the answer. Which of them is in the worst state right now? Who is enduring the most emotional turmoil? Is anyone in mortal danger? What I'm really asking is, who has the most at stake? At the moment, I have... Continue Reading →

Letting Go

The first novel I wrote that had a beginning, middle, and end was a dark fantasy romance novel. I rewrote it seven times. Each draft was about 100,000 words long. I designed a cover, wrote the back-jacket blurb (I can still recite it without missing a beat), and filled page after page with back-story and... Continue Reading →

The Magic Pencil

I sat down to write the other day, and couldn’t find my pencil. I specifically bought this pencil for my writing. While allowing myself to search for a few brief moments, I realized what trouble I would be in if I had turned this basic tool into a Magic Pencil, an indispensable tool that was... Continue Reading →

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