The Call – Part Two

I am so happy to announce that I have another piece coming out with Samhain Publishing in 2015! And I get to work on it with the amazing Holly Atkinson! I’m still a bit in shock. This one is a science-fiction erotica novella. It's not due out for a bit yet, so I’ll be saving the details... Continue Reading →


Being Reasonable

Recently, I set out to write a new book. While working out the pacing and the timeline for the draft, I set my word count goal. And missed it. And missed it. And missed it. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Then I finally realized that I had doubled my daily word count goal... Continue Reading →

Starting with Love

Before I can really dive into the plot of a new project, I usually need to map out the relationship between the hero and heroine. Once I have a handle on what obstacles they’re facing, the very compelling reasons they have to surmount those obstacles, and how and when they’re going to overcome them, the... Continue Reading →


Balancing a job, a family, friends, maintaining good health, and launching a new writing career is difficult. I’m still searching for that magic formula, a schedule that feeds all of these important aspects of my life. But I also know that life is constantly changing. What works one week won’t cut it the next. It’s... Continue Reading →

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