I re-read my earlier post about not writing during edits, and realized that the word "editing" covers a wide variety of tasks for me. There's the initial quick-edit of a piece after the first draft is done, just to get in those changes I don't want to forget. I generally think of this as finishing... Continue Reading →


A Season of Light, A Season of Darkness

I love that so many cultures celebrate light during the darkest days of winter. We string up electric lights, snuggle near fireplaces, and gather around the hearth to share food, drink, and stories of our experiences. A few years ago, I realized that people often overlook the darkness surrounding them in the colder months, and... Continue Reading →

Conversations with Characters

Most of the people close to me write. We all have wildly different methods for writing, varying experiences with this creative art. It is extremely fun to talk about and learn new ways I might try to approach things, or even hear about techniques that I know will not work for me. When I'm writing,... Continue Reading →

Series Arcs in Miniature

My project list is long, and there are pieces I’m very excited to get started on. I’m getting closer to being ready to start the long paranormal romance series that started my love of writing the genre. And the sequel to that series! I’m going to finish my current paranormal erotica novella series project first... Continue Reading →

To Write, or Not to Write

I’m finding that I can either write or edit, but not both. Different parts of my brain engage for each activity. When I’m editing a piece, my critic is in the forefront. This is when she gets to do her thing. But it takes time to get her to stop when I sit down to... Continue Reading →

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