Thick Skins

I have been blessed by having friends with very differing tastes in books. Some of them love romance novels and some don't. I've had friends with both outlooks beta-read my works, and all their feedback has been helpful on my path. The ones who read romance have a wealth of knowledge about the genre. The... Continue Reading →


It’s Alive… ALIVE!!! (on Amazon)

I just found out that Wandering Soul is already available for pre-order on! I am ridiculously excited by this and have been scrambling to get my author page set up while telling everyone I know (and some people I don't) about it!!! The timing couldn't have been better—I had already taken the day off... Continue Reading →


I love Oxford commas. I really do. On the printed page, they help my brain process the words I’m reading. In official correspondence, they help to make my meaning absolutely clear. In an ebook? They can really slow things down. That doesn’t mean I can just skip the commas and hope for the best. It... Continue Reading →

Wandering Soul Cover Reveal!

I'm very excited to share the cover for Wandering Soul with you! Drumroll, please… I’m so grateful for the gorgeous cover—by the lovely and talented Kanaxa!—and for all the help and guidance I've received from my editor, Holly Atkinson. You both rock! I’ll be blogging more about the book in the coming months—less than four... Continue Reading →

The Best Laid Plans

It’s always fun to go back through my blog posts and see how I thought I had things all figured out. “This is how I’m going to edit from now on!” “I’m going to finish this project next, no matter what!” The truth is life is in constant flux. And if you’re pursuing a creative... Continue Reading →

First Drafts

I just finished the first draft of another full-length novel. Toward the end, I could see that I wasn't going to make my projected word count. It wasn't that any particular chapter was too short. Most of the chapters came in right about where I would expect—a good sign that the book is balanced and... Continue Reading →

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