Last month, we enjoyed the Wind Moon—a time for clearing and letting go of what we don’t want. I let that thought be a meditative focus and cleared out two closets and a room that had fallen into entropy. All of those spaces are now being put to much more useful effect! May's full moon... Continue Reading →


A Novel Use for Planners

I try to be careful about keeping track of when things occur in my stories. This is especially important when writing series with books that contain overlapping events. Wandering Soul is actually the first of three books that will hopefully mark the beginning of such a series. The next two occur over the same three-day... Continue Reading →

Columbia’s First Voyage

A while back, I wrote a post called Write What You Know. In it, I mentioned watching Columbia launch and that I needed to tell that story. Here it is. My dad was an avid astronomy fan. He had a 4 inch Unitron refractor that his dad built from a kit. Great for planetary viewing.... Continue Reading →


One of the skills I’ve been really building lately is patience. Every step of the way in the publishing process, waiting is involved. Get an idea. Patiently type out each word until the book is done. Set it aside, even though you want to edit it NOWNOWNOW. Realize edits will take much longer than you... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Dante!

On April 2 of the year 1881, in the world of Wandering Soul, Dante Lucerne—the hero of the book—celebrated his 36th birthday. He spent the day in quiet reflection, wandering through the theatre where he worked and lived. Rather than give in to the feelings of isolation that sometimes plagued him due to people’s reaction... Continue Reading →

April Fool’s

I'm not a fan of April Fool's Day. I don't like pranks and am always sure to let people know if I suspect they have shenanigans in mind. A particular birthday comes to mind where a friend decided to prank me incessantly even after I expressed my displeasure about it. That was the end for... Continue Reading →

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