The Super-Secret Scifi Erotica Novella

I played this one close to the chest. Really close. But if you follow me on Twitter or check my Facebook page, you’ve undoubtedly seen me talking about “the super-secret scifi erotica novella”.

I love this story, these characters, and this new universe so much. Seriously.

But the novella itself is not serious. It is ridiculous. And that is kind of the point. I want people to be entertained and transported right from the moment they read the title and laugh (or groan) at the joke.

At long last, I present to you…Gray Card!

Gray Card Cover

It’s the story of a nerdgirl who finds out that her best friend is an alien whose time on Earth is almost up—and if she wants to keep hanging out with him, she has to marry him!

Get it? Gray Card? It’s like… Well, you get it. You’ve figured out by now that I absolutely adore puns, right? The cover is by Syneca and I absolutely love it.

This novella was so much fun to write! It’s very…adult (*ahem*) and as I mentioned, full of ridiculousness. And if you like it, there are two more planned for the series, both of which have equally awful—er, I mean awesome—puns for titles.

But you’ll have to wait for those—and the series title—a bit longer.


I couldn’t have picked a more perfect time to give myself that negative space—moments of emptiness waiting to be filled. This spring has been gorgeous!

I found this delightful fairy grotto in my own front yard.

Fairy Flowers

The lilacs were amazing this year. Their sweet smell surrounded me every time I walked outside.

Spring Lilacs

The first flowers are giving way to irises and peonies, and the trees are now holding my attention most.

The other day, I sat in my front drive while waiting for a tow truck and gave myself a moment of negative space. Instead of checking email or thinking about the day or fretting about why I needed to call a tow truck, I listened to the wind in the trees and watched the sunlight play across the dew-heavy grass. I couldn’t have enjoyed that moment of serenity if I was keeping myself busy every second of every day.

I need to give myself time for What Ifs? and the even more intriguing—What’s Next?

Negative Space

In college, I took an amazing class on Asian Art History. It wasn’t part of my degree program and most of the people with opinions to share told me I was wasting my time and would never use it (I have actually used what I learned in this class extensively in my life).

One day, we went to the local museum, into a special side room filled with Chinese bronze vessels. We were each assigned a piece and given a few minutes to study it, then we had to tell the rest of the small group one thing about it using what we had learned in class. There was talk of thunder pattern and symmetry, cultural influences and practical uses. Lucky me—I was last. By that point, everything we had talked about in class had been covered.

The group gave me pitying looks, and even a few comments about the unfairness of it all. But I had my own take on the piece. I looked back at it and said, “This vessel is almost completely covered in intricate designs, the meanings of which we’ve already discussed. But it isn’t what is on the vessel that matters in this piece—it’s what’s empty. The busy patterns push our awareness to these still areas. The artist has used the negative space—areas that don’t have any pattern or design etched into them, but are left smooth—to give our eyes and minds a place to rest. The negative space in the piece is a place for meditation.”

I’ve been thinking about this lately, as my schedule becomes more crowded and my mind more filled with ideas. There’s an impulse to do everything as fast as I can so I can move on to the next thing. I get lost in the busy patterns of everyday life, of the current writing project, of the urge to check on my friends through the ever-present social media surrounding us. And I realized that I have been filling up all of my negative space.

Without negative space—those still moments when I’m not trying to accomplish anything at all—my mind clogs with priorities and ideas and plans, to the point that things start having trouble getting through. The flow decreases and the pressure behind builds. Moments of stillness—not even meditation, just pure stillness—moments of nothing-to-do, even moments of boredom are necessary to recharge and to be open to noticing the world and the gentle nuances of life.

Reality + Alternate Reality = Surreality

It has been surreal to think about the events of Wandering Soul taking place each day as I’m living my normal life.

Walking through the grocery store, I’m picturing Elsa and Dante in Florida. They would be eating breakfast at about that time. Are they having pancakes? Cereal? I didn’t write that moment, so I don’t know for sure.

My awareness is stretched across two worlds—the real one, where I need to gas up the car and cook for my family—and the one I’ve created, where time travel is a given and love is the miracle.

It’s amazing.

It’s Official!

Wandering Soul is now the first of “The Summer Park Psychics” series! Samhain Publishing and the lovely and talented Holly Atkinson will be working with me on the sequel. I’m so excited to share it with you! …In 2016 🙂

You can pre-order Wandering Soul on now so that you don’t miss it when it’s released on July 7, 2015! The feedback so far has been very positive (YAY!!!).

Soon I’ll be setting up a newsletter where you can sign up to hear more behind-the-scenes info—perhaps even learn the title of the super-secret scifi erotica novella! *gasp* I’m also preparing some back-story scenes for Wandering Soul for those who want to see more of these characters. Watch this space for news!