Wandering Soul Backstory – Winston

One of the most beloved characters in Wandering Soul is Winston. He's in charge of Elsa's house—ordering groceries online, hiring and overseeing cleaning and gardening crews, and taking care of the cooking and laundry. On paper, his job is listed as "butler", but he thinks of himself as Elsa's caretaker. She thinks of him as... Continue Reading →


The Importance of Being Holly

Finding the right agent or editor is a very important piece of the publishing puzzle. I spent several months learning about various editors and agents, following their Twitter feeds to get a feel for who they were and what they might be like to work with. Many talked about receiving queries that didn’t fit them—something... Continue Reading →

Letting Them Go

When I first started writing, I was so protective of my stories that it bordered on paranoia. I had spent my entire life developing a huge High Fantasy world to write in, but was only scratching the surface of what it meant to create stories that had beginnings, middles, and ends. Eventually, I realized that... Continue Reading →

Blasting Off on Amazon! …Already?!

What the what?! A double-post day? There's just SO MUCH GOING ON! Look what I found available for pre-order on Amazon.com: I also discovered that the release date for Gray Card is earlier than I anticipated—October 6! I know a few people who will be very happy to hear that their wait is several weeks... Continue Reading →

Longest Day, Strongest Sun

The full moon in June is called the Strong Sun Moon. Presumably, this is because June holds the longest day of the year—the Summer Solstice. For my meditative focus of the month, I’m envisioning my projects, my goals, and my self at full strength. There is so much to do, and this is the time... Continue Reading →

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