The Corn Moon

This month, the full moon is known as the Corn Moon. It marks a time of celebrating an important grain harvest. I plan to use this as a meditative focus for the things in my life that are coming ripe and ready to be harvested, using the joy this brings to energize me as I continue on my path. It’s also a time to remember to set some seeds aside for next year’s harvest—to hold some things close to my heart for planting when the time is right.

May all of our paths be filled with light.

What are you working toward?

Last week I talked about one of my favorite writing questions: What are you working on? There’s another question that’s just as important: What are you working toward?

I think about this a lot. I make plans and goals. I break things down into manageable tasks and give myself deadlines. Sometimes I make them and sometimes I don’t. It’s okay when I don’t because I know I’m still moving in the right direction—moving toward something. Continue reading “What are you working toward?”

Nostalgia—or a Message?

I had the opportunity to catch up with a friend recently and they asked my dearest question. What are you writing lately? The conversation somehow trailed back to earlier ideas—stories I haven’t thought about in years and never wrote down but was excited to tell them about.

The next day, another friend triggered a memory of the second first draft I completed. There are other story ideas that have been rising to the surface. Too many to ignore. It seemed like nostalgia at first, but the more this is happening, the more it seems like a message. My muse is trying to tell me something. She’s reminding me that I have many, many stories to write.

There is no time for self-doubt, no time to let my critic stand in the way of my words. I need to get these stories down, polish them up, send them into the world—and move on to the next. The more I keep this in mind, the easier the words will flow. I need to remember there are so many stories waiting in line for their turn!

Awesome News!

It’s been one month since Wandering Soul was published. I have to admit, it threw me for more of a loop than I anticipated. There were many days of stunned staring as my brain gradually acknowledged that this is real! My first book is out there and being read (and enjoyed 😀 ). It’s been amazing.

While this was going on, I finished edits on the second Summer Park Psychics novel, started writing the third, and…I signed on for another scifi novella with Samhain Publishing! Continue reading “Awesome News!”

Why Romance?

Sometimes people ask me why I choose to write Romances. First and foremost—I am a fan of love. The initial spark of attraction, the deepening knowledge of each other that feeds the fire, the moment when the warmth of the emotion soaks in soul-deep and they know. I can’t get enough of that.

Second—I am an optimist. Sometimes it’s easy to maintain this outlook. Oftentimes it’s a challenge. I want to spend my time with characters that I know will eventually find their way to a Happily Ever After.

That doesn’t mean I won’t put huge obstacles in their paths first. I want to see my characters face challenges and figure their way out of problems.

And that’s the main reason that I write romance. I want my characters to figure things out, to find their way to the brightest possible future for themselves. I love showing my characters finding their path and the person they want to walk it with.