The Corn Moon

This month, the full moon is known as the Corn Moon. It marks a time of celebrating an important grain harvest. I plan to use this as a meditative focus for the things in my life that are coming ripe and ready to be harvested, using the joy this brings to energize me as I... Continue Reading →


What are you working toward?

Last week I talked about one of my favorite writing questions: What are you working on? There's another question that's just as important: What are you working toward? I think about this a lot. I make plans and goals. I break things down into manageable tasks and give myself deadlines. Sometimes I make them and... Continue Reading →

Nostalgia—or a Message?

I had the opportunity to catch up with a friend recently and they asked my dearest question. What are you writing lately? The conversation somehow trailed back to earlier ideas—stories I haven’t thought about in years and never wrote down but was excited to tell them about. The next day, another friend triggered a memory... Continue Reading →

Awesome News!

It's been one month since Wandering Soul was published. I have to admit, it threw me for more of a loop than I anticipated. There were many days of stunned staring as my brain gradually acknowledged that this is real! My first book is out there and being read (and enjoyed 😀 ). It's been... Continue Reading →

Why Romance?

Sometimes people ask me why I choose to write Romances. First and foremost—I am a fan of love. The initial spark of attraction, the deepening knowledge of each other that feeds the fire, the moment when the warmth of the emotion soaks in soul-deep and they know. I can’t get enough of that. Second—I am... Continue Reading →

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