I have a tendency to go grim in my stories. It's something I need to keep a close eye on, and one of the reasons that I write Romance (they have to get to their happily-ever-after!). I find that if I don't feed that part of my muse, though, it gets...demanding. The weird thing about... Continue Reading →


Top Ten Things I Loved About ORACon

I had so much fun at ORACon over the weekend. Seriously. Here is my top-ten list of my favorite parts of the experience. 10. The drive. The scenery on the drive was beautiful with Fall getting ready to set in. At one point, I was driving through the countryside during the golden hour. The trees... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Elsa!

A very happy birthday to Elsa Sinclair, who is 31 today (if she was real). It is the first birthday that she spends with Dante. For that and many other reasons, this is the very best birthday she has ever experienced. Her friends are in a jubilant mood, and are spending the day at her... Continue Reading →


I'm going to my first writing convention this week! It's called ORACon—the Ozarks Romance Authors Conference. I'm looking forward to meeting other authors and getting to talk face-to-face with my editor. It's a very busy time with finishing the first round of edits for the second scifi romance novella, editing the third in that series... Continue Reading →


I can keep track of dozens of books in multiple series, yet I often lose track of the scripts running in my own head. This is a problem, because my thoughts aren't always running along the tracks I intend. Often, they're off the rails entirely. I can lose perspective and get bogged down in minutia—things... Continue Reading →

Self-Doubt is Lying

Some parts of my process are really fun. The idea stage, the planning stage—mapping things out with an outline, checking my pacing, discovering themes. My absolute favorite part is formatting the finished work as an ebook and reading it through to check the readers' experience. Other parts are not so much fun, and self-doubt is... Continue Reading →

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