Happy Halloween! (a little early)

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. The creativity involved in coming up with costumes and becoming someone (or something) different has always appealed to my writer’s heart. This is also the Celtic holiday of Samhain, when the veil between worlds is thought to be thinnest. Those who have passed are free to return, along... Continue Reading →


The Blood Moon

The full moon in October is sometimes called the Blood Moon. I’ve read that it marked the time when herds would be thinned to ensure survival of the fittest livestock over the winter. Meditating on this, I find that this is the season for culling. I plan to go through my things as much as... Continue Reading →

“Resident Alien” Cover Reveal!

Hooray for another cover reveal! This time it's Resident Alien from The Department of Homeworld Security series! It is sexy and gorgeous and I love it! Ready? Tada! It's another beautiful cover by Syneca. She did the cover for Gray Card as well, which was selected as one of RT Book Reviews top ten favorite... Continue Reading →

Still Celebrating!

I'm still celebrating the release of my Scifi Erotic Romance, Gray Card! It's a super-fun read, and I've been over-the-moon about it for a long time. I'm so happy to finally get to share it with readers! In case you missed it, here's a link to yesterday's post announcing Gray Card's launch. Enjoy!

Gray Card has Launched!

I'm so thrilled that Gray Card launched today! I have many series in the works, and The Department of Homeworld Security is one of my favorites! The novellas feature super-hot genetically engineered aliens who spend so much of their lives focusing on technology that they've lost touch with their bodies—until they encounter Earthlings eager to... Continue Reading →

Many Good Things

I do my best to focus on the positive in life, and there have been many good things lately to help with that. Among them, today RT Book Reviews listed the cover for Gray Card as one of their top ten favorites for the month of October. ...O.o RT Book Reviews. My cover is right... Continue Reading →

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