Happy Thanksgiving!

For those of you celebrating turkey-day today, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! May the year ahead be filled with blessings.  


The Mourning Moon

October’s full moon was about removing things from my life—letting objects, thoughts, or feelings go if they no longer served me. November's full moon is the deeper pass. Now is the time to let go of things that I once cherished, but are now merely draining my energy. Accomplishments I tried to achieve, but fell... Continue Reading →

Speeding Growth

When I became serious about my writing, I knew that two skills would be more important for me than any others: to write well, and to write fast. I love my stories and want to give them the best form I possibly can. I want readers to love them as much as I do (okay,... Continue Reading →

“Resident Alien” Pre-Order!

One of the biggest milestones in getting a book out there is seeing it come up for pre-order on various sites. Resident Alien is now on Amazon! I love that cover. It captures the feel of the story perfectly. The little touches also really make it for me—like Brandon's watch (he's a tech genius). And... Continue Reading →


Some of the characters I’ve created are truly disturbing (the best villains are). My villains can be subtle and complex or outgoing and terrifying. I spend quite a bit of time thinking about who they are and the motivation behind their actions to make sure they're as three-dimensional as the protagonists. I’ve found that I’m... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Garrett!

It's time to celebrate another fictional character's birthday from The Summer Park Psychics series. This time... Happy Birthday, Garrett! My first gift to you is not calling you Dr. Wolfstrom. Except for...mentioning it there. Oops. I can't say too much about Garrett's thirty-ninth birthday without giving away things from his story. I will say that... Continue Reading →

Wandering Soul has a Book Trailer!

Working with Samhain Publishing on my books has been amazing. I've been learning so much about the publishing process and everything involved in getting a book out there. My writing has improved, my understanding of cover art, and my general knowledge about the timelines (I'm starting to understand the whole "Hurry! Wait... Hurry! Wait..." thing).... Continue Reading →


Each character I write has a very distinct feel to them. When I’m in their POV, I share their thoughts and feelings (and hope my readers do as well!). Some characters are active and energetic, like Rachel from The Summer Park Psychics series. Others are controlled and commanding, like Adam Smith from The Department of... Continue Reading →


The beginning of November is one of my favorite times of the year. There’s a stillness to it that precedes the ramp-up in activity before holiday season and after the new year starts. It’s a restful time, the calm before the storm. My life is often loud, always busy, with little time for reflection and... Continue Reading →

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