Wandering Soul has a Book Trailer!

Working with Samhain Publishing on my books has been amazing. I’ve been learning so much about the publishing process and everything involved in getting a book out there. My writing has improved, my understanding of cover art, and my general knowledge about the timelines (I’m starting to understand the whole “Hurry! Wait… Hurry! Wait…” thing). Some things, though, are completely new to me.

Like making book trailers.

This is the part where my editor and the Samhain marketing department put on their superhero capes. I asked if there was a chance they could make a book trailer for Wandering Soul. This is what they came back with.

So. Much. Love.

I am extremely grateful to be working with such a supportive publisher. The trailer is beautiful. Thank you, Samhain!


Each character I write has a very distinct feel to them. When I’m in their POV, I share their thoughts and feelings (and hope my readers do as well!). Some characters are active and energetic, like Rachel from The Summer Park Psychics series. Others are controlled and commanding, like Adam Smith from The Department of Homeworld Security. Being in Garrett’s head always felt like a hug, while Dante was straight-out like basking in a sun puddle.

It isn’t always easy to be in my characters’ heads. Almost all of them have experienced traumas. My books tend to focus on the periods of their lives when these issues come to the surface and the character has to decide whether to remain stuck or move forward. I like to focus on the positive, which is why I write Romances. It’s like I’m guiding the characters along on their paths toward happiness—and yes, as cheesey as it sounds, receiving guidance from them as well.


The beginning of November is one of my favorite times of the year. There’s a stillness to it that precedes the ramp-up in activity before holiday season and after the new year starts. It’s a restful time, the calm before the storm.

My life is often loud, always busy, with little time for reflection and solitude. As a writer, it’s even more difficult to be alone. Those few quiet minutes I find don’t last, as characters from my imagination stop by to keep me company or nudge me to write down their stories. It can be difficult to silence them.

But these first few days of November—when the winds turn chill and the trees settle in to their slumber—are the perfect time to turn inward and take a few days or even moments to listen to the stillness and let myself steep in the quiet.