The Top Ten Ways I Celebrate Finishing a Book

I've sent in the final round of edits for Lingering Touch where I let myself make changes. From here on out, it's checking in with editors and looking over final proofs. That's a lot more relaxing than hunting through the text trying to find any places where I can make the story stronger. I have... Continue Reading →


The Quickening Moon

February is the most challenging month for me. I often spend it fighting off colds, with varying degrees of success. This year was no exception. The month usually passes as something of a blur. I checked my planner today and saw that there's a full moon tonight—one I haven't written (or really thought much) about... Continue Reading →

Sunday at the Museum…

I started getting out more before the end of 2015. I'm lucky to live close enough to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art to go there whenever I want. I used to go more often, but have been too busy lately. In 2016, I'll be making more time to go. The Dutch Art room is one... Continue Reading →

Surround Yourself with Beauty

The hardest part of winter is the monochromatic palette. As the trees and grass settle into their slumber, everything becomes washed out in shades of gray, white, and black. Winter absolutely has its own beauty—stark and clean. I can enjoy it better if I surround myself with color and reminders of the spring that's yet... Continue Reading →


I know of quite a few authors who've said that a certain actor or actress will keep popping into their head when they're writing a particular character. Some go so far as to say they have a specific person in mind to play a character if their book is ever made into a movie. My... Continue Reading →

SFR Galaxy Awards!

Gray Card won an SFR Galaxy Award yesterday! Are you ready to hear what award it won? "Funniest Nerdgirl Love Affair" How perfect!!! 😀 I am so happy about this on many, many levels. Here are some of them: I love Scifi. Always have. Always will. I love Romance. I came to that a little... Continue Reading →

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