“Second Sight” is Live!

Here is my official blog post about "Second Sight" launching 😀 I’m thrilled to announce that my first self-published story is out in the world! "Second Sight" is a short story (approximately 5,800 words) set in a world where some humans have developed superpowers. It centers around Andi, a woman whose precognitive gifts have shown... Continue Reading →


In True Hybrid Fashion…

While I'm celebrating my first Indie release, I'm also celebrating Lingering Touch being available for pre-order! I love this cover, this story, these characters... This is the last release I have on Samhain Publishing's calendar. I think they're going to be selling the books they currently have available for a while, though—especially considering that Lingering... Continue Reading →

My First Indie Cover Reveal!

Okay, so this is exciting and nerve-racking and...and... I think I need to sit down for a moment. It's my very first ever Indie cover reveal! Presenting, Second Sight! I have a few graphic novel series that I'd love to create eventually, and this short story is a glimpse of one of them. I wanted... Continue Reading →

The Storm Moon

Today is March’s full moon. It’s sometimes called the Storm Moon. Storms are often thought of as tumultuous events that can inspire fear. Having been in a hurricane, I understand this. But storms are also cleansing. Lightning strikes can cause forest fires, which burn away layers of underbrush and encourage new growth. Winds clear detritus,... Continue Reading →

Lingering Touch Cover Reveal!

This is a bittersweet moment. My last cover reveal for a title with Samhain Publishing. I'm more than a little verklempt over it. I loved working with Samhain. Seeing the gorgeous covers they provided was part of that. What a cover to end on! Behold the confident beauty that is Jazz and the also-beautiful mystery... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Blog

WordPress just notified me that today is the two-year anniversary of my blog 🙂 I love my blog and am so excited about the year ahead—beginning my Indie adventures! Just a reminder, I'll be at Black Dog Coffeehouse in Lenexa, KS, this Wednesday, 3/16/16, from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. for a signing, along with... Continue Reading →

A Last Huzzah

Remember how I said in my post Wednesday that I'm not done with traditional publishing? It isn't done with me either 🙂 My beloved Samhain Publishing is releasing the books that were finalized before they made their announcement about closing down. I just found out that Lingering Touch is one of them! Barring strange and... Continue Reading →

I’m Going Indie!

Well, hybrid anyway 🙂 Early this year, I decided that I wanted to venture out into the ever-changing waters of self-publishing. The news about my publisher has only put wind in my sails. I want the experience of steering my own course on a project. ...Okay, I think I'm done with the sailing metaphor. I... Continue Reading →

Looking to the Future

Last week ended with news I was not expecting. Samhain Publishing announced they were planning on shutting down. It didn't feel real at the time. It still doesn't. Things can take sudden turns in the publishing industry. It's so strange to think that I had originally planned a cover reveal for this week, but am... Continue Reading →

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