After a launch, I’m always eager to hear what readers have to say. Have they read it yet? Did they like it? Did they find something I missed? It’s nerve-wracking and exciting and one of the best (and sometimes worst) parts of this whole experience.


We write to share our stories. One of the most rewarding parts of putting them out there is getting a chance to talk to people about them, to listen to their take on characters and worlds that feel almost as real as what’s going on around me. Continue reading “Listening”

The Wind Moon

The full moon in April is sometimes called the Wind Moon. This is a time for action. The Wind Moon can fill our sails, giving us renewed energy to continue on our path.

Bright Moon

Wind can also be cleansing, and the moon is good for pulling us out of ruts and giving that little tug that helps us let go of things. I love to spread my arms wide on a windy day, imagining the wind blowing away negative fixations, ill health, anything I want to let go of.

During this time, I’ll also be thinking of where I’m heading so that when the energy of that moon fills my sails, it speeds me along on a course of my choosing.