After a launch, I'm always eager to hear what readers have to say. Have they read it yet? Did they like it? Did they find something I missed? It's nerve-wracking and exciting and one of the best (and sometimes worst) parts of this whole experience. We write to share our stories. One of the most... Continue Reading →


“Resident Alien” Launch!

Resident Alien is out in the world today! I think I'll celebrate by re-reading it (again) 😀 There are so many moments I love in this story. Kira's first taste of a bean burrito, Brendan's reaction when she arrives... And of course, the absolutely stunning cover that perfectly captures the feel of their relationship. I... Continue Reading →

The Wind Moon

The full moon in April is sometimes called the Wind Moon. This is a time for action. The Wind Moon can fill our sails, giving us renewed energy to continue on our path. Wind can also be cleansing, and the moon is good for pulling us out of ruts and giving that little tug that... Continue Reading →

One More Week!

I'm stoked to have my next piece coming out in less than a week! Not only that, but it's one of the super fun Scifi Romance novellas! Brendan Sloan, the dashing hero, is a fellow ginger—and a fellow nerd. I had so much fun spending time with him, being in his head. He's in the... Continue Reading →

Give Yourself Credit

A few months back, I wrote a blog post about my worst habit. Trying to do too much is something I'll always have to watch out for. There's a flip side to this coin that I'm only just beginning to notice. I wouldn't be surprised if you're doing this, too. I don't recognize my accomplishments.... Continue Reading →

Book Love

I love Resident Alien. I'm not going to hedge around that fact. It's filled with the sort of Sci-Fi humor that...makes up quite a bit of my daily conversation, actually. I'm a nerd and proud of it—even if most people have no idea what I'm talking about half the time. Readers have been telling me... Continue Reading →

So Much Fun

I've been loving the Indie experience. I've learned so many new things, gained new experiences, and delved deeper into this whole wonderful world of self-publishing. It's a lot of work, but so much fun! Second Sight is doing great! I love all the feedback I'm getting about it. I'm definitely giving serious thought to continuing... Continue Reading →

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