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Think You Know the Summer Park Psychics?

Let’s have some fun with The Summer Park Psychics! How well do you know the series? Right answers will turn green when you click them, and wrong answers are red. Warning: there are spoilers for Wandering Soul and Whispering Hearts … Continue reading

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Lingering Touch Backstory —The Limo

I have a tradition with The Summer Park Psychics. Whenever there’s a new release, I like to write a little backstory piece about that title. For Lingering Touch, I decided on a moment that takes place right before the action … Continue reading

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Multiple Perspectives

I have to admit, it was difficult to write Lingering Touch. I delved into some very dark places that I did not want to think about. There were scenes where I actually had to walk away from my keyboard, psyching … Continue reading

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Moving Forward, Looking Back

This week marks an important milestone in my writing career. Tomorrow, July 7, it will have been one year since my first book, Wandering Soul, was published 🙂 I adore this book, and have been wanting to go back and … Continue reading

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