KiteI put myself under a lot of pressure. People have pointed this out to me my entire life. It used to always be a warning—I was about to crush myself, and they wanted me to ease up to avoid it. I didn’t usually listen, and often ended up running myself into the ground.

As I’ve gained more experience, I’ve started understanding where to draw the line. It’s hard for me not to run full-tilt until whatever project I’m working on is completed. Yard work, home improvements, learning a new song, finishing a scarf, etc.

I still run myself into the ground sometimes, but those occurrences are the exception now. The fundamental change in how I operate came to me through my writing.

You can’t sit down and write an 80,000 word novel in a day. Or even two days or three. Continue reading “Pressure”

Wanting and Having

The Path

In yoga and Tai Chi, maintaining your balance can be tricky. I used to wobble on one leg while getting into Tree pose and fall right over during (modified) Lord of the Dance. I tried imagining my energy flowing through whichever foot was on the ground, rooting me to the spot. I tried to improve my balance by stretching one arm forward and pushing backwards with my leg to keep me steady. It was a change in my mindset that finally made my efforts more consistently stable. Continue reading “Wanting and Having”

A Second Chance at Gratitude

The Mourning Moon

When I sat down to write this post, I realized that I missed the July full moon. Not just posting about it—even being aware it was happening. This is something I try to avoid.

Modern society has moved so far from the natural. Much of my life revolves around screens. Computer screens, phone screens, TV. Keeping in touch with the phases of the moon reminds me that there’s more to life. There’s a giant rock floating above our heads through the magic of physics. A rock that effects all life on our planet—the tides, the Earth’s axis, even the speed of its rotation. That is incredibly cool. Continue reading “A Second Chance at Gratitude”

Still Celebrating…With Food!

imageIt’s been just over a week since Lingering Touch came out. There’s been so much activity surrounding it! I added a section to the Lingering Touch page on my web site just to track all the guest blog posts, features, and interviews! ❤

I’m thrilled to have been interviewed on the USA Today Happy Ever After blog site (check out my new glasses!). There’s also a feature on MJ Schiller, Romance Author‘s site. I wrote a guest blog post for Fresh Fiction about who I’d cast as the characters in Lingering Touch if it were made into a movie. I also wrote a guest blog post for Ever After that I hope you’ll enjoy. Continue reading “Still Celebrating…With Food!”

Celebrating “Lingering Touch”

Hey, everyone!  It’s been an exciting week with the release of Lingering Touch, the third paranormal romance novel in The Summer Park Psychics series. Today, I’m over on Joyfully Reviewed giving an interview. I think you’ll really enjoy it! There’s also a great excerpt up on Night Owl Reviews. Lingering Touch has also received its first text review on Goodreads! ❤ Check out all the awesomeness 😀

Wandering Soul by Cassandra Chandler  Whispering Hearts by Cassandra Chandler  Lingering Touch by Cassandra Chandler

I hope you’re all thriving. There will be even more excitement as the week progresses! Stay tuned ❤



“Lingering Touch” Launch Day!

Happy Book Birthday, Lingering Touch! I’m so proud of you… *sniff*

Seriously, I am so proud of this book. I wanted to make sure it stood on its own, even as the last in this three-book story arc that introduces the world of The Summer Park PsychicsLingering Touch furthers the strong characters and relationships from the first two books, introduces new characters for you to love (and hate), and has twists that even my editor didn’t see coming! I hope it surprises and delights you as well and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it.

Thank you, readers!

Lingering Touch by Cassandra Chandler