Focusing on Happiness—Week One

What I'm happy about this week: being able to make my own coffee. My coffee maker suffered a mishap a while back, and with the weather being hot, I didn't feel much like fixing it. This resulted in many trips to coffee shops for delicious iced beverages. I love going to my coffee shops. I... Continue Reading →


Fun with Graphics!

I'm starting a new venture in my writing—one that I'd planned all along and am finally getting to explore. Graphics! And oh do I have things planned for this. In time... All in due time... I think my first foray turned out rather well. At least, the version that I'm okay with sharing. It's one... Continue Reading →

Opening Up to Happiness

Joyful Autumn Equinox, everyone! Today, night and day—light and dark—are balanced. Tomorrow, we begin the gentle exhale into the dark half of the year—my two favorite seasons. It seems a perfect time to start along a new path, to cultivate a new focus. As the wheel of the year turns, I am going to do... Continue Reading →


The last piece in this trio of blog posts is about acceptance. It's a skill as much as learning to maintain your focus. It takes practice. But it falls somewhere between the empirical and emotional partnering of focus and determination. It's about learning to be at peace. This is a skill I need to spend... Continue Reading →


Last week, I talked about an important writing skill—focus, as the mental discipline needed to keep yourself writing and to stay on track with your story. If focus is the practice or technique, determination is the fuel. Focus helps you stay on the path. Determination keeps you moving. I'm always thinking in terms of writing,... Continue Reading →


Having natural talent helps when you want to be a writer. Reading, studying, learning about the craft—that helps too. Practicing is the absolute best thing you can do to improve your skill level. You also need self-mastery. If you can't get yourself to sit down to write, you can't write anything! But is getting into... Continue Reading →

Coffee Time Romance Review!

Happy Evening, everyone! I'm popping in with some quick news. Whispering Hearts received a terrific 4 cup review from Coffee Time Romance & More! Check out their graphic. Coffee, romance, and purple? Three of my all-time favorite things 😀 One of the best parts of publishing a series is seeing people discover and enjoy earlier... Continue Reading →

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