Book Release! “Pack” has Launched !

Hey, everyone! I have exciting news today. The first Blades of Janus novel, Pack, has released! You can pick up a copy now on All Romance, Amazon, or Kobo. For an excerpt, you can visit Pack‘s page on my web site. There’s a page dedicated to the Blades of Janus series as well. The series has its own logo, too (thank you, Matthew Blake!).


This book is so exciting for many reasons. It’s the first full-length Scifi Romance I’ve published. It’s my first full-length Indie title. And mostly, it’s full of all the things I love to write about. It’s creepy and sexy and set in a world full of fairy tale monsters…that are actually aliens. What’s not to love? Continue reading “Book Release! “Pack” has Launched !”

Opening Up to Happiness

Peace RoseJoyful Autumn Equinox, everyone!

Today, night and day—light and dark—are balanced. Tomorrow, we begin the gentle exhale into the dark half of the year—my two favorite seasons. It seems a perfect time to start along a new path, to cultivate a new focus.

As the wheel of the year turns, I am going to do my very best to focus on being happy—on opening myself up to happiness. Starting right now, this moment. And I plan to use my blog to track my progress.

Once a week, I will sit down and write a post about one thing, one thought, one event, one person, one flower—one anything—so long as it brings forth happiness in me.

And I’m going to start right now, by thinking about…darkness. Yup, the thought of darkness is bringing me happiness.

Continue reading “Opening Up to Happiness”


The last piece in this trio of blog posts is about acceptance. It’s a skill as much as learning to maintain your focus. It takes practice. But it falls somewhere between the empirical and emotional partnering of focus and determination. It’s about learning to be at peace.

Lantern Sunset

This is a skill I need to spend more time on. Because time is one of the biggest factors that’s outside of my control—outside of all our control. It will progress at the same pace, whether I’m writing or not, whether I’m exercising or meditating, or doing any of the things I need to do to be the best, fully realized version of myself. The me I was born to become. Continue reading “Acceptance”


Last week, I talked about an important writing skill—focus, as the mental discipline needed to keep yourself writing and to stay on track with your story. If focus is the practice or technique, determination is the fuel. Focus helps you stay on the path. Determination keeps you moving. I’m always thinking in terms of writing, but this can apply to any goal or dream you have.

You are ready.

I think the most important question to ask yourself when pursuing any dream or goal is: how bad do you want it? Whatever your dream is, what are you willing to give to make it a reality?

The answer will be different for everyone, but it will give you a clue about how much you want to accomplish your goal. Continue reading “Determination”