A Spectral Excerpt — “Wandering Soul”

For my final #SamhainShort, here’s an excerpt from the book that started it all, Wandering Soul.

This is a spectral short instead of a ghostly one because Elsa’s body is still alive—on another continent and over a century in the future. She’s using her psychic ability of astral projection for her soul to travel back in time. Dante is unaware of that, and thinks she’s an angel sent to take him to the afterlife. Instead, she’s planning to teleport him back with her to Florida in the year 2015.

Oh, and did I mention that in this story Dante is the man behind the legend of the Phantom of the Opera? 😀


Wandering Soul by Cassandra Chandler

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A Ghostly Excerpt — “Lingering Touch”

Here’s a Halloween treat for you all to enjoy—a creepy excerpt from the third Summer Park Psychics novel, Lingering Touch.

Finn’s psychic ability to read objects comes in handy while working as a private investigator—until he starts working a case involving the recently deceased serial killer, Michael Angelo. Reading the memories of Michael’s victims opens a conduit between Finn and something far more dangerous than echoes of the past, and only Jazz’s touch can pull him back from the darkness.

Lingering Touch by Cassandra Chandler

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The Blades of Janus Backstory — “Something Borrowed”

Blades of Janus Logo

Dexter/Porter is a favorite character in the first Blades of Janus novel. You’ll be learning more about them in the books to come. Here’s a quick look behind the scenes of this fascinating character to whet your appetite.

Warning: there are spoilers for Pack of an epic level in this short piece—like three of the biggest plot twists are given away here. If you plan to read Pack , you might want to wait on reading this piece 🙂

This takes place around chapter four of Pack.

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