Blades of Janus Bonus Story — “Trick or Treat”

Happy Halloween! I have a few special treats for you today, starting with a bonus story set in the world of The Blades of Janus. This one is just...weird. There's no getting around it. But when you're creating an alien take on fairy tales, you're bound to encounter some strange. Trick or Treat Copyright ©... Continue Reading →


A Spectral Excerpt — “Wandering Soul”

For my final #SamhainShort, here's an excerpt from the book that started it all, Wandering Soul. This is a spectral short instead of a ghostly one because Elsa's body is still alive—on another continent and over a century in the future. She's using her psychic ability of astral projection for her soul to travel back... Continue Reading →

A Ghostly Excerpt — “Whispering Hearts”

I have another Halloween treat for you—a ghostly excerpt from the second Summer Park Psychics novel, Whispering Hearts. The spray bottle mentioned below is filled with salt water for disrupting spirits. Man, I write creepy romances 🙂 WHISPERING HEARTS (THE SUMMER PARK PSYCHICS, Book Two) Copyright © 2016 Cassandra Chandler All rights reserved – a... Continue Reading →

Focusing on Happiness—Week Five

What I'm happy about this week: I can make my own print books! I'm still not that great at taking selfies, though 😉 I received the final proofs for the print version of Pack just the other day, and it turned out beautiful! The cover, the interior, everything. I'm so happy with it. This is... Continue Reading →

A Ghostly Excerpt — “Lingering Touch”

Here's a Halloween treat for you all to enjoy—a creepy excerpt from the third Summer Park Psychics novel, Lingering Touch. Finn's psychic ability to read objects comes in handy while working as a private investigator—until he starts working a case involving the recently deceased serial killer, Michael Angelo. Reading the memories of Michael's victims opens... Continue Reading →

The Blades of Janus Backstory — “24/7”

Pack starts out with Marcus on patrol, watching for dweller activity that might pose a threat to the people of Providence. While he's at it, he's testing a new set of high-tech camera/sensor glasses for his partner, Vaughn. He quickly encounters a group of Redcaps—a particularly nasty type of dweller that preys on humans. While... Continue Reading →

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