The Blades of Janus Backstory — “24/7”

Pack starts out with Marcus on patrol, watching for dweller activity that might pose a threat to the people of Providence. While he’s at it, he’s testing a new set of high-tech camera/sensor glasses for his partner, Vaughn. He quickly encounters a group of Redcaps—a particularly nasty type of dweller that preys on humans.

While surveying the creatures, Vaughn throws out a flippant question. Where do Redcaps get the sunglasses and bandanas they all seem to wear?

Behold, the answer.

WARNING: Adult language and supreme creep-factor. 18+ only, please.

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The “Twins”

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Writing this without too many spoilers for Pack is going to be challenging. Let’s see if I can do it!

Last night’s writing work play included research into the “twins” and their many…brothers. Of all the hundreds (maybe thousands) of characters I’ve come up with, Dexter/Porter is one of my favorites. He’s also quite possibly my favorite lifeform that has ever emerged from my imagination. A hydra. Continue reading “The “Twins””