The Future

With February drawing to a close, I'm looking toward the future for my writing and excited about so many possibilities. The most exciting one? I'm going Indie with The Department of Homeworld Security series!   I love these novellas. They are such fun to write, and from what I hear from readers they're exactly the... Continue Reading →


Focusing on Happiness—Week Twenty-Two

What I'm happy about this week: the greening earth. I know it's early for it, but spring flowers are already making an appearance. The earth is thawing, making the air smell rich with soil and moisture. It's hard not to be happy with the world waking up around me 🙂 I'm using this as an... Continue Reading →

The Numbers Game

I sometimes fixate on numbers that are not constructive to my writing. Rankings and ratings, views and followers. This data can be helpful. It can give me valuable insight into how best to connect with my readers. Marketing is all about connecting books with the right people. But ultimately, I can’t control any of those... Continue Reading →

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello, everyone! Today is super-exciting for me. Not only is it Eat-Tons-of-Chocolate Day er... I mean Valentine's Day, but it's the release day for "Second Skin"! 😀 Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is my new favorite cover that I've made. Or maybe "Second Sight" is. Argh, I love them all! And I love this story.... Continue Reading →

A Quick Update

Hello, everyone. Just a quick note for those of you who have purchased books from Samhain Publishing—they are closing at the end of this month 😦 You'll want to download any of your books from their site before they go dark on February 28. Here's a link to the message they sent to their readers... Continue Reading →

The Quickening Moon — 2017

This year's Quickening Moon finds me in a very different frame of mind from last year. There's no fog, and I seem to have dealt with my winter colds in January (I hope!). Still, I don't have the extreme focus that I've had for the last year and a half with my writing—and it's a... Continue Reading →

“Seconds” Cover Reveals!

Hi, everyone! I'm super excited to bring you not one but TWO cover reveals today! There's a new cover for "Second Sight" and after the jump you'll get to see both the new cover and the cover and title for the second short story in this series! Seconds is set in a world where some... Continue Reading →

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