It’s my Indieversary!

Okay, it was actually on Sunday, but close enough! I published my very first Indie title, a short story called “Second Sight”, a year ago on March 26 😀 I’m going to have a surprise for you at the bottom of this post, so keep reading!

Originally, “Second Sight” had a comic book cover by the talented Matthew Blake to capture the superhero angle of the story. At it’s heart, though, “Second Sight” is a romance (like everything I write ❤ ), so I recently gave it a new cover, which I adore.

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Focusing on Happiness—Week Twenty-Six

What I’m happy about this week: my Indie covers.

These are the Indie titles I’ve released, re-released, or re-covered since September of last year. I have been a busy little bee lately! It’s important to me to constantly improve what I publish, and I’ve been learning tons of things I want to put to good use for my readers ❤

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