Focusing on Happiness—Week Thirty-Five

What’s making me happy this week: looking forward.

Fairy Gate

95% of the work getting my back list on the shelves again is done. I’m finally to the point where I can start looking forward again, and that is a great feeling!

I suspect the trail will wind in directions I’m not anticipating in regards to my writing, but as long as I’m still putting the words down and getting them out into the world, I’ll be happy ❤

Welcome to Summer Park, Alexis!

Today, Dante and Elsa welcome their daughter, Alexis Lucerne, into the world of Summer Park. Dante is over the moon, and Elsa is absolutely determined to give her little girl the best possible childhood she can. And, of course, Winston is absolutely in love with the new family member 🙂


And just in time for Alexis entering the world, I figured out a bunch of her story!

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