“Entry Visa” is Here!

I’m so excited for the fifth Department of Homeworld Security novella to be out in the world! 😀 Apparently, I’m not the only one. Thank you, readers, for all the pre-orders for Entry Visa!



Henry and Vay are such a sweet couple, and you get your first introduction to a non-human-looking alien from this world. The Lyrians are really amazing lifeforms.
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Reviews Don’t Have to be Fancy

The only thing I love more than writing books is talking about writing books 🙂 Really, my favorite thing to talk about is stories in general.

I also like talking about food, crafts, robots, and monkeys.

Nothing gets under my skin and into my heart quite like stories told through books. I want to know what friends are reading and why. What they love and hate about the stories that capture their attention.  Continue reading “Reviews Don’t Have to be Fancy”

Focusing on Happiness — Week Forty-Three

What’s making me happy this week: tying up loose ends (see what I did there? 😉 ).


Writing is a lot of fun, and I enjoy pretty much every part of creating a book and publishing it. It still feels really good to wrap up projects—and I’m wrapping up quite a few!

I’ve received the final edits for Entry Visa and will be formatting that and putting it up on Amazon this weekend (the official release date is Tuesday, July 25 ❤ ). The next two novellas are written, so I’ll be polishing them and then sending them to my editor shortly (I’m keeping him busy!). And then all that’s left is to make the ebooks, a cover for number 7, maybe another print compilation…

Okay, it sounds like a lot, but compared to the actual writing, it’s not that much. Plus, I really enjoy making covers and formatting books (I think that last part makes me a little weird among the Indie community—I don’t know that I’ve heard anyone else say they like formatting).

After these are all wrapped up in neat little bows, I’m turning my attention to a brand new series! I’m really excited to get this one moving and have been sitting on it for a long time. You’ve probably seen me sharing snippets of it during #1lineWed on Twitter. I’ll have more to share about that soon, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading ❤

2,000 Words

I’m 2,000 words away from typing “The End” on the sixth Department of Homeworld Security novella! I’m pretty sure that’s going to happen today. There are several reasons this is very special.

Homeworld Icon

For one, this is the last Department of Homeworld Security novella that I have on my writing schedule. That doesn’t mean it’s the last one I plan to write! Have no worries there. But I plan to write them…without planning to write them 😉 Continue reading “2,000 Words”



Welcome to the many worlds inhabiting my mind. Have some tea, enjoy the view, and try not to step on the creepy crawlies under your chair. They’re nicer than you think… sometimes.

Here’s a reading order for my books, or you can keep scrolling for series overviews. Enjoy! ❤

Short, Sexy, Scifi Romance

The Department of Homeworld Security

There are aliens among us—and they’re hot!

When members of the repressive society based on Sadr-4 have up-close and personal encounters with Earthlings, the results will rock their worlds.


GrayCardCouple_200    ResidentAlienCouple_200   BusinessOrPleasureCouples_200

TiedUpInCustomsCouple_200   EntryVisaCouples_200   DurationOfStayCouples_200

DuelCitizenshipCouples_200   InvasiveSpeciesCouples_200   CChandlerExportDuty200

Homeworld Icon

Urban Fantasy Romance

 The Blades of Janus

The monsters of legend are not what we think—their origins much more distant. Dwellers are among us. A flitting shadow seen from the corner of your eye. An animal that’s not quite natural. Even a normal-seeming human you pass on the street. But for these alien organisms to make Earth their home, they need a host.

Pack 200  Progenitor 200

BladesLogo2018 300

Urban Fantasy Romance

 Forbidden Knights

Six centuries ago, a group of warriors sacrificed their humanity to protect mortals from the fey beings who preyed on them, becoming werewolves and vampires themselves. They took the name of their leader and called themselves the Knights of Antares. Not long after their transformations, they found that they had lost more than just their human natures—they had lost the ability to safely fall in love.

In modern times, they find the threat the fey present has become much more dangerous. And that mortal women have become much stronger potential mates.


FKLogo 400

Paranormal Romantic Suspense

The Summer Park Psychics

A romance novelist travels to the past to pull the Phantom of the Opera from a fire that would have killed him, bringing him back with her to our time. A doctor struggles to save the woman he loves from the ghosts that plague her. A private investigator is driven to madness while using his powers in search of a killer’s prey.

In Summer Park, no one is what they seem.


CChandlerWanderingSoul200  CChandlerWhisperingHearts200  CChandlerLingeringTouch 200


And more…

 Gone with the Dead: An Anthology of Romance and Horror




Crafting a Writer’s Life: Building a Foundation

Crafting a Writer's Life, by Cassandra Chandler

Happy Reading!