“Duration of Stay” is Now Available!

Today’s the day! Duration of Stay has launched, and I am so excited to share this novella with you! It was a blast to write and is my new favorite in the series ❤ Brooke and Zemanni appeared on the page fully-formed (I love it when that happens!). Their snark is hilarious and the chemistry between them is sizzling!


Not only does Duration of Stay tie up the second series arc in the Department of Homeworld Security series, it marks a milestone achievement for me: six releases in six months! Continue reading ““Duration of Stay” is Now Available!”

“The Run” — Forbidden Knights 0.5

Surprise! I’m unveiling my new paranormal romance series TODAY in the form of a short story prelude for the first book 😀 My newsletter subscribers saw this sneak peek over the weekend and I’ve heard such wonderful feedback already ❤



The series is called Forbidden Knights and follows a group of warriors who’ve been fighting the Fae for centuries—protecting humans from suffering losses like their own. To increase their ability to fight these magical beings, the Knights sacrificed their own humanity, becoming vampires and werewolves.

I’ve been working on Forbidden Knights for years and am so excited to bring you this prelude to the series! Continue reading ““The Run” — Forbidden Knights 0.5″

Book Review — “Temporary Duty Assignment”

I’ve been wanting to start writing more in-depth book reviews here, and what better way to start the ball rolling than with A.E. Ash‘s Temporary Duty Assignmentbrought to you by Book Smugglers Publishing 🙂

Disclaimer 1: Yes, A.E. is my writing bestie—but I wouldn’t write a review like this if I didn’t love the piece 🙂

Disclaimer 2: I should probably also share that I have a degree in literary analysis. I love thinking about what I read almost as much as the reading itself ❤ I’ll try to keep from going down too many rabbit holes with you 🙂

Let’s get to it!

Check out this gorgeous cover by Reiko Murakami.

One of the things I love about A.E.’s works is that she usually hits me right in the feels. We’ve talked about it before—how I am weirdly synchronized to her works and really “get it” a lot more than some. (Writers, this is what it looks like when you find an “ideal reader”, and if you can find that in someone who is also a close friend, you are very, very blessed). Continue reading “Book Review — “Temporary Duty Assignment””