Tropes: I’m doing it wrong!

One of the more illuminating (and entertaining) obstacles in my writing path lately was learning about tropes. I’ve known about tropes in a vague sort of way for a while, but set out to really understand them a few months back.

I love taking expectations and turning them on their heads. I thought after I understood tropes I could play with them in this way. It was kind of a “learn the rules before you break them” sort of exercise.

Little did I know…I was too late. I was already breaking tropes all over the place. Also? You’re really not supposed to break tropes.


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When you become lost

There is so much information available to us today. Facts and opinions, trends and data sets, paths and experiences laid out by others that are so tempting to follow. It’s easy to become overwhelmed or even lost.


Both in writing and RL, I’ve been digging my way deeper and deeper into rabbit holes of information without realizing how far away from my light-source, my center, it was taking me. For my personal overall health and happiness, it is of utmost importance that I get that light to shine on my writer’s heart as quickly and purely as possible. Continue reading “When you become lost”

I am not mainstream.

I found this blog post that I wrote months ago in my drafts. I thought about moving past it without sharing, but I have a feeling it may resonate with some. If it helps even one person, it’s worth putting out there.

From May of 2018…


I jokingly talk about “Cassland” as the imaginary place where I live and that I invite others to visit by reading my blog posts and books. It’s filled with weird puppets, like Barkley, the life-sized kobold wizard, Craig the four-armed space-Sasquatch, and Albert, the extremely intelligent and bizarrely lovable Redcap.

Kobold Puppet
Barkley is chillin’.

There are ray guns and aliens and werewolves who are aliens and some who are not. There are heroines who save the day with a stick and a quip and heroines who save the day in much darker ways. Vampires, robots, the infinite expanse of space and the closeness of a Polyphemus moth in my own back yard.

It is not reality. And if it’s not real, there can’t be any harm in changing it, right?


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