Scifi Swears

I am a person who swears quite a bit. I tried to quit as my New Year’s resolution this year, and lasted about twenty minutes (to the amusement of everyone who knows me in RL).

Not all of my characters swear, but I like them to have the option if it fits their personalities. I realized from the first Department of Homeworld Security novella that I was going to need to develop a system of swearing for the Sadirian soldiers. Earth swears just wouldn’t cut it.


I had never given much thought to our Earth-human swearing until I wrote this series. The moment I realized that they primarily center around bodily functions, I knew I had a problem. Continue reading “Scifi Swears”

Finding Value

One of the best parts of being a writer is those moments of discovery, when a character reveals something about themselves or their world that you didn’t see coming. I learned a ton about the Coalition of Planets while writing Export Duty.


I brought my own preconceptions to the novella when I started to write it. One of those is that I hold medical personnel in high esteem. Doctors, nurses, physical therapists, psychologists—anyone who has devoted their life and career to helping others.

The most surprising revelation Rin brought to me (though, in retrospect, I should have expected it), was the low social position that medical personnel hold in the Coalition. Continue reading “Finding Value”


I’ve been having some technical issues with my blog this week and have to republish this post. Thank you for bearing with me ❤

There is so much happening in Cassland. Very Big Things. Export Duty is just a little over a week away from entering the world, and I’m already working on the thrilling developments that take place in the next stories.

But that’s not all! There’s even bigger news. The biggest news in the history of The Department of Homeworld Security.

Are you sitting down? Hang on a second. Let me sit down, too. This is really big. Okay.


I am thrilled to announce that the USA Today Bestselling and award winning Pets in Space® anthology will be back for its 4th year… and I am one of the contributing authors!

Continue reading “HUGE NEWS!”