Happy Halloween! πŸŽƒ

Happy Halloween! We’ve been going through an amazing amount of WTH? things around the Chandler home this month. (Seriously, WTH?!?!). It’s made it hard to focus on the season. For today, at least, we’re going to push away all thoughts of “what if?” and “why did that happen and how do we make it never happen again?” and focus on celebrating with the family.

There will be trick-or-treating with friends (and with the adorable neighborhood kids who come by), pumpkin carving, and lots of cuddles on the couch (please, let there be lots of restful cuddles on the couch πŸ˜† ). Hopefully, I can convince everyone to keep watching Halloween Baking Championship. It’s my new favorite seasonal show.

If you’re looking for something creepier to enjoy, check out this short story I wrote and narrated on my YouTube channel! It’s…quirky.

What sort of things do you have planned for this Halloween? Whatever they are, I wish you a safe, happy, celebratory day!

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