Reality + Alternate Reality = Surreality

It has been surreal to think about the events of Wandering Soul taking place each day as I’m living my normal life.

Walking through the grocery store, I’m picturing Elsa and Dante in Florida. They would be eating breakfast at about that time. Are they having pancakes? Cereal? I didn’t write that moment, so I don’t know for sure.

My awareness is stretched across two worlds—the real one, where I need to gas up the car and cook for my family—and the one I’ve created, where time travel is a given and love is the miracle.

It’s amazing.

It’s Alive… ALIVE!!! (on Amazon)

I just found out that Wandering Soul is already available for pre-order on! I am ridiculously excited by this and have been scrambling to get my author page set up while telling everyone I know (and some people I don’t) about it!!!

The timing couldn’t have been better—I had already taken the day off and was planning to use at least part of it to set up my writing studio, but that can wait till after I’m done running around and squeeing.

It’ll be a while!

The Call

Many famous authors talk about their rejection letter collections, and thinking about it that way is how I’ve handled mine. When I send out queries, I’ve armored by writer’s heart by thinking of rejections as additions to my collection. There was always hope alongside that shield that someday I’d get some amazing news instead. That day has happened. I have received… The Call.

Thankfully, The Call came in email form, because my speech rapidly deteriorated into a high-pitched and incomprehensible, “SQUEEEEEEE,” when I figured out what was going on. While reading the email, I kept waiting for the polite decline. My brain sort of stalled as my subconscious picked up on something strange… something off about this rejection letter. And then it hit me – it wasn’t a rejection letter!

I started to cry, I stopped breathing for a few seconds… repeatedly. It took a while to calm down enough to explain to my family why I was freaking out (the fact that I was laughing and hugging everybody undoubtedly reassured them). I barely slept that night, or the next night, or the next, and I did not care a bit.

I am extremely happy to be sharing this news with everyone. I am now officially contracted with Samhain Publishing for my first book! And I get to work with the wonderful Holly Atkinson!

The last two weeks have been a flurry of activity and I will most definitely be writing more about this experience here in the weeks to come. For now, I wish all my writing friends the best of luck with their own queries, stories, and journeys.