Invasive Species

This was a story I just had to write in The Department of Homeworld Security universe. Invasive Species was originally more of a stand-alone, but I managed to work it into the rest of the storyline.

Early on in writing this series, I had this idea of a character who thinks he’s a normal Earthling, but discovers quite suddenly that he is very, very wrong about that. I learned a lot about this group of sentients while writing Kyle and Tracey’s story, and had a ton of fun doing so!

She wanted to curl up with a Sci-fi Romance—she never thought she’d be living one!

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Duel Citizenship

I couldn’t believe it when I reached the seventh novella in my Scifi Romance series, The Department of Homeworld Security. These stories are just so much fun to write!

For Duel Citizenship, I wanted to explore another favorite Scifi trope of mine—Little Green Men (and Women). I had so much fun coming up with the Vegans and the entire miscommunication that resulted in their arrival. More than any other alien in this series, the Vegans are making a big difference for Earth!

I have so many exciting plans for these green guys and gals. They also have one of the most well-developed backstories of any aliens I’ve developed. I can’t wait for it to unfold as this universe expands!