Kral: A Scifi Alien Warriors Romance

Cygnian 7, Book 2

Nothing will stop him from claiming what’s his.

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Definitely looking forward to more books in this series!” — 5-star Amazon review

I cannot wait for the 3rd book to come out (Write faster Cassandra).” — 5-star Amazon review

He’s waited long enough.

Kral has respected the wishes of others for long enough. His new human friends, his parents, the king and queen of Cygnus-Prime. Earth might not be ready to know that aliens are real, but his soulmate is. He can feel it—feel her. And nothing will stop him from claiming her.

For months, Becca Myers has been feeling a growing restlessness, like the electric crackle in the air before a storm. She knows that change is coming, but not how or…who. She never imagines that change is coming in the form of a huge, blue warrior determined to make her his own—let alone that he’s the prince of an alien world.

Their coming together will set off a chain of events that will shape the future of both their worlds. But with enemies targeting them and those they love, will they survive to see it?


Kral’s smile deepened. “If I release you, will you attack me again?”

Something about his tone made it almost sound like a request.

“Depends,” she said.

His eyes widened. The light from the street lamps was still doing something weird and making them look like they were glowing. Or maybe they were glow-in-the-dark contacts?

That was ridiculous. There was definitely something going on with that color, though.

He tugged on her wrists, pulling her closer to him. Her arms were pressed against his chest. She craned her neck back, unable to break away from his gaze.

He leaned down and she thought maybe he was going to kiss her.

Please, please, please, kiss me.

What the hell was wrong with her? This wasn’t… This couldn’t…

“Depends on what?” he asked, his warm breath brushing over her face.

“Are you going to surprise me again?”

He grinned, flashing those extra-sharp teeth at her once more. “Undoubtedly.”

From anyone else, she would have thought of that as a presumptuous line. From Kral, it sent more goosebumps racing over her.

There was a promise in that word. One that had her mind spinning.

How was he going to surprise her? When? Would it involve more touching? Certain skill sets that she hadn’t had a chance to explore in way too long?

Kral pressed her hands against his chest, holding them there with one massive palm. He used his free hand to push her hair behind her ear.

Except that wasn’t really what he did. A normal guy might have, but Kral took his huge, strong hand and ran all of his fingers through her hair, dragging his nails lightly across her scalp as he did.

More lighting. More fire heating her core.

Her eyes fluttered shut and she leaned into his touch.

“Becca,” he said, his voice very, very close.


She forced her eyes open, wanting to see this. Wanting to know if he was feeling the same kind of amazing pull as she was.

His eyes were glowing like twin stars.

So beautiful. Impossibly beautiful. Impossible.

All of this was impossible. And yet, she could feel the hard muscles of his chest beneath her hands, the strong beat of—

Wait… She could feel a pounding in his chest, but it wasn’t coming from the center. She slid her hands across his pecs, toward the sides of his body. The beats grew stronger. Beats.

“Becca.” He said her name again, angling his head and shifting closer in a way that left no doubt whatsoever that he was about to kiss her.

And she wanted him to. She wanted to kiss him. More than she’d ever wanted to kiss anyone in her life.

Even though she’d just met him.

Even though she barely knew anything about him.

Even though…

He has two hearts. There are two hearts beating against his ribs and they are not at all where they’re supposed to be.

Glowing orange eyes. Sharp teeth. A body as hard as stone, putting off some kind of aura that had her melting in a puddle at his feet.

And she didn’t even care.

Maybe she hadn’t gone for a walk. She could have fallen asleep back at home and was having some kind of weird, erotic dream.

If so, she didn’t want to wake up.

When his lips were a whisper away from hers, he said, “May I?”

“If you don’t, I’m going to kick your ass again.”

Another smile. He had a great smile, sharp teeth and all. And great lips that he needed to—

Kral’s brow furrowed and he suddenly straightened. He pulled Becca against his side, breaking the spell of the moment.

What had she been about to do? And…dream or no dream, could they maybe get back to that?

The sound of scrabbling claws and panting breaths drew her attention back to reality. A border collie came rushing up to them, barking frantically.

“Dash?” Becca said.

Kral relaxed a bit beside her, enough that she could break away from his grasp. “Sophie’s dog.”

“Yeah.” Becca approached the agitated animal, dropping to one knee. “It’s okay, girl. Come on. It’s me.”

Dash ran toward her a few paces, then dropped her forelegs to the ground. She kept her butt up in the air, but her tail wasn’t wagging. She jumped back several feet and started spinning in circles.

“You don’t have to show off your agility moves for me,” Becca said. “But how the hell did you get out of the house? Does Sophie know you’re gone?”

Dash stopped spinning, but then started barking again. At this rate, the neighbors would be calling the cops on them.

“Hey, settle down, girl,” Becca said. “Come on. Come here.”

Dash whimpered, her nose close to the ground as she approached. As soon as she was in reach, Becca grabbed her collar and tugged the dog against her chest.

Dash was trembling all over. A feeling of misgiving threaded through Becca, chasing away the last vestiges of the much more pleasant feelings Kral had evoked.

“What happened?” Becca petted Dash, trying to get her to calm down.

Something sticky and viscous was smeared around her mouth and down her chest.

“What is this all over you?” Becca pulled one hand away from the dog’s scruff. It was coated in a vibrant green liquid.

“It’s blood.” Kral stepped closer to her, his gaze scanning their surroundings.

“It’s green.”

“I didn’t say it was human blood.”