Crafting a Writer’s Life: Building a Foundation

Crafting a Writer's Life, by Cassandra ChandlerCrafting a Writer’s Life: Building a Foundation


“It is a motivating book – I think it will get many writers off the couch and onto the keyboard!” 5-star Amazon review

This isn’t just a book about how to write—this is a book about how to be a writer.

My experiences along my writer’s journey have been incredible so far. I’ve had to stretch beyond my comfort zones, learn techniques to become more adaptive to the industry’s needs, and ask myself questions I had no idea were part of being a writer. I read many books about how to write, but didn’t find much in the way of handling the business side of things. This is me sharing some of what I’ve learned, in the hopes that other writers may gain some insight into the craft, the industry, and how one writer is handling the challenges involved in crafting a writer’s life.

In this book, you’ll find:

* Ideas for how to carve out writing time—and actually use it to write.

* Tips on plot, characterization, and world building.

* A super-brief overview of the three-act story structure.

* Insight into the business side of publishing books, including handling reviews and interacting with readers.

* An example of how to handle editing a manuscript from start to finish.

All in an extremely brief format to get you back to your writing as quickly as possible.