Welcome to the many worlds inhabiting my mind. Have some tea, enjoy the view, and try not to step on the creepy crawlies under your chair. They’re nicer than you think… sometimes.

Here’s a reading order for my books, or you can keep scrolling for series overviews. Enjoy! <3

Immersive Full-Length Scifi Romances

Cygnian 7

When a group of elite Cygnian warriors visit Earth, they find the primitive planet may hold the key to saving their homeworld—and their hearts.



   Short, Sexy, Scifi Romance

The Department of Homeworld Security

There are aliens among us—and they’re hot!

When members of the repressive society based on Sadr-4 have up-close and personal encounters with Earthlings, the results will rock their worlds.

DHWSGrayCard2020_200    DHWSResidentAlien2020_200   DHWSBusinessOrPleasure2020_ 200

DHWSTiedUpInCustoms2020_200   DHWSEntryVisa2020_200   DHWSDurationOfStay2020_200

DHWSDuelCitizenship2020_200   DHWSInvasiveSpecies2020_200   DHWSExportDuty2020_200

DHWSCoalitionReckoning2020_200   DHWSImportQuarantine2020_200   DHWSHomeworldForTheHolidays2020_200

Nothing to Declare 200 px cover    

Homeworld Icon

Urban Fantasy/Scifi Romance

 The Blades of Janus

The monsters of legend are not what we think—their origins much more distant. Dwellers are among us. A flitting shadow seen from the corner of your eye. An animal that’s not quite natural. Even a normal-seeming human you pass on the street. But for these alien organisms to make Earth their home, they need a host.

BOJ1Pack200  BOJ2Progenitor200

BladesLogo2018 300

Urban Fantasy Romance

 Forbidden Knights

Six centuries ago, a group of warriors sacrificed their humanity to protect mortals from the fey beings who preyed on them, becoming werewolves and vampires themselves. They took the name of their leader and called themselves the Knights of Antares. Not long after their transformations, they found that they had lost more than just their human natures—they had lost the ability to safely fall in love.

In modern times, they find the threat the fey present has become much more dangerous. And that mortal women have become much stronger potential mates.


FKLogo 400

Paranormal Romantic Suspense

The Summer Park Psychics

A romance novelist travels to the past to pull the Phantom of the Opera from a fire that would have killed him, bringing him back with her to our time. A doctor struggles to save the woman he loves from the ghosts that plague her. A private investigator is driven to madness while using his powers in search of a killer’s prey.

In Summer Park, no one is what they seem.



And more…

 Gone with the Dead: An Anthology of Romance and Horror




Crafting a Writer’s Life: Building a Foundation

Crafting a Writer's Life, by Cassandra Chandler

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