The Department of Homeworld Security

As a child, I loved watching cheesy black-and-white scifi movies. All those hubcab-spaceships held up on string and aliens in silver catsuits helped inspire the retro aspects integrated in my light-hearted scifi novella series, The Department of Homeworld Security (the bad puns are all me, though 😉 ). It’s so fun to write aliens trying to fumble their way through some very close encounters with Earthlings, like freaking out over the sound of popcorn or being chased by a clowder of feral cats.

If you dig past the puns and the heat level (this is by far the most “adult affection” heavy series I write), this series is my love letter to our beautiful planet and our wonderful (and yeah, sometimes scary) corporeal existence. The first 11 stories have been compiled into two omnibuses, which are at the top of the groupings below, then there are individual titles with links to their pages on my web site.

There are aliens among us—and they are hot!

When members of the repressive society based on Sadr-4 have up-close and personal encounters with Earthlings, the results will rock their worlds.

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DHWSGrayCard2020_200    DHWSResidentAlien2020_200   DHWSBusinessOrPleasure2020_ 200

DHWSTiedUpInCustoms2020_200   DHWSEntryVisa2020_200   DHWSDurationOfStay2020_200

DHWSDuelCitizenship2020_200   DHWSInvasiveSpecies2020_200   DHWSExportDuty2020_200

DHWSCoalitionReckoning2020_200   DHWSImportQuarantine2020_200   DHWSHomeworldForTheHolidays2020_200

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Gray Card won “Funniest Nerdgirl Love Affair” in the 2015 SFR Galaxy Awards!

Homeworld for the Holidays was nominated for Best Science Fiction/Futuristic book for 2019 by LRC Romance!