Dorn: A Scifi Alien Warriors Romance

Cygnian 7, Book 4

Is he her enemy or her soulmate?

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“…action packed alien romance with a feisty human female and a besotted but determined Cygnian warrior.” — 5-star Amazon review

“Another fantastic read in a super fun series!”— 5-star Amazon review

He will win her heart—if she’ll just stop trying to kill him.

Amy Myers has dedicated herself to learning everything she needs to become a field agent and protect people. Martial arts, weapons training, strategy, whatever it takes. She will achieve her objective, despite her family’s objections. Discovering that her entire planet needs to be protected from hostile aliens after she’s nearly killed during an abduction attempt changes her plans—especially when the giant blue alien who took her from Earth claims her as his soulmate.

Before he even met Amy, Dorn nearly lost his newly found soulmate in a brutal attack by the Tau Centauran Assembly. When he touched her broken body, he realized she was his. Their bond should draw her to him like the pull of a gravity well, but she’s convinced that he and his fellow Cygnian Warriors have abducted her and her sisters, and were behind the attack that nearly cost her life.

Dorn knows the true enemy hasn’t stopped his deadly pursuit of the Myers sisters. The malevolent shape-shifting alien chasing them is still out there, and he will do whatever is necessary to obtain his new target—Amy. Can Dorn convince Amy that they are meant to be together or will he lose her forever?


His hearts pounded in his chest, the feeling rising within him. He didn’t know if it was hers or his own. This had to stop before she was hurt. She had landed several incredible blows—strikes that should not have hit him as hard as they did. The wristbands would increase her strength, but not this much. The attacks from her left arm were much stronger than the right. Those tightened ligaments were definitely doing something extra.

“Amy, the healers need to look at your shoulder again,” he said. “I think something is wrong.”

“Looking for an excuse to bail?” She shook her head as she approached the medical bed in her prowling. “How disappointing.”

“I’m not leaving your side,” he said. “Never.”

A wave of approval flowed out from her—one she quickly snuffed, but not before he sensed it. All that remained was a cold intention. She stepped to the foot of the bed, leaning against it. Was his plan working? The more proximity they shared, the more she must feel their bond. The less she could resist it. When she had grabbed his spine plates before, he had barely been able to keep himself from grabbing her and claiming her on the spot. The desire he sensed from her had driven him nearly mad with need. Soon, she would be his. Soon, she would give herself to him. He just had to get close enough to—

Amy raised her arms, quickly activating the blasters for both wristbands. The beams gouged blackened grooves along the floor of the room before reaching him, indicating they were at maximum power. He brought up his shields just in time, but the force of her attack pushed him backwards. Though his feet were braced, he slid to the viewport, his back slamming against it, flattening his spine plates.

Amy sank to the floor, keeping the blasts pressing against him. It was all he could do to keep the shield on his arm between them. Her wristbands didn’t have limitless power, and the blasters required more than the shielding. He could wait until her energy gave out, but her icy determination of purpose was intensifying. She hooked her left knee around the bed’s leg, positioning it behind her body. Why would she do that? Her lips pressed tightly together and her eyes blazed.

A new emotion rippled out from her. One that nearly froze the blood in his veins. Regret. She was about to do something she didn’t truly wish to do. She was about to kill him. He didn’t know how, but he was certain that was her intention.

“Amy,” he ground out. “Stop. I yield. I yield!”

“That’s not good enough,” she said. “I can’t trust you. Not when my family is at stake.”

Something behind him made a cricking sound. The transparent material of the viewport. She was trying to space him.

Kral dropped his arms from his chest and yelled, “Amy, stop. You win the challenge. Dorn has yielded.”

“I don’t care,” she said.

Kral gestured toward the clear view of space behind Dorn. “You’re going to break the viewport.”

Through gritted teeth, she said, “That’s the idea.”

Her wristbands began to glow, the crystalline metal heating under the onslaught of too much raw power. Dorn could feel her pain, see it etched in the lines around her eyes and the way her lips were pulled back from her teeth, but she wasn’t about to stop. He sent a desperate wave of warning to Kral through their own bond.

“Becca,” Dorn barely managed. “Get Becca.”

Kral nodded curtly, then vanished.

“Using my sister against me?” Amy said, her eyes glittering. “You’re even worse than I thought.”

“Amy, please. You don’t understand.”

She shook her head sharply. “I won’t let you get in my head. You won’t stop me.”

She was right. The cracking sounds behind him were growing louder. Spreading. He was running out of time. Kral wouldn’t be back before the viewport shattered. Amy might not be sucked out into space with how she’d anchored herself to the bed with her leg, but all the air in the room would, along with the heat. Radiation would flood the chamber. Her wristbands were at such a depleted power level, he wasn’t sure how long her shields would last after she succeeded in blasting him into space. She could be hurt again. She might even die.

He couldn’t let that happen. He would rather die himself. He would rather… That was it. It was the only way. For her to stop her attack, she had to think that she had won—on her terms.

This is going to hurt.