Gray Card

GrayCardCouple_400The Department of Homeworld Security, Book 1

“Well-written, fun, with nary a typo in sight, this story waltzes through danger, risk and sacrifices we make for love.” — 5-star Amazon review

Winner of “Funniest Nerdgirl Love Affair” in the 4th Annual SFR Galaxy Awards!

Is he after her heart or her planet?

He’s gorgeous, the best friend I’ve ever had, and now he says he loves me. But he has to go home in three days, and I don’t even know where “home” is. If I can convince him to marry me, we can be together. And I have a few very fun—and sexy—ideas about how to win him over to that plan.

She’s brilliant, hilarious, and she makes me feel alive in ways I never dreamed possible. But if she finds out my secret, more than our relationship will be threatened. Because where I’m from is much more distant than she realizes—and my people won’t let me go easily.

Author’s note: Have you ever wanted a quick read with super-hot love scenes, wacky hijinks, and whimsical puns? Presenting The Department of Homeworld Security! Short, sexy, scifi romcoms, packed with fish-out-of-water moments, aliens being baffled by finding their first love, and lots of…probing.

Gray Card contains a sneak peek at Resident Alien, book two in The Department of Homeworld Security. Buy Gray Card and start reading today!

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SFR Galaxy Award IconGray Card won “Funniest Nerdgirl Love Affair” in the 2015 SFR Galaxy Awards!


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Evelyn’s purse was on the side table just inside her apartment. Adam locked the door behind him, then set his key and wallet next to her belongings. He took a moment to look at them jumbled together.

His chest still felt full. He’d never been more alive. He wanted to pick Evelyn up and spin her around.

But he had to find her first.

Normally, she would be sitting at the computer desk in the area that was supposed to be a dining section of her apartment but that she’d turned into a study. She wasn’t on the couch, either. The kitchen was quiet—which left the bedroom.

Perfect. Maybe they’d start off there and move to the couch later. He walked briskly down the hallway, eager to see her again.

“Evelyn, I…”

He paused in the doorway to her room. Evelyn was sitting at the foot of her bed, hands clasped in her lap. Her glasses were low on her nose and she hadn’t bothered to push them back into place. She was staring blankly at the floor in front of her.

His throat seemed to close. Something was very wrong. He practically leapt into the room, then knelt at her feet.

“Evelyn, what’s happened?”

Her eyes were glazed when she looked at him, not the bright, sharp gaze he was used to. She almost looked as if she’d had a mind-wipe. Cygnus X, it couldn’t be.

“I met your liaison today,” she said.

Rage surged through him. Adam hadn’t thought that Todd would approach Evelyn directly. What had Todd done to her? And how could Adam not have thought to protect her sooner?

“What did he do?” Adam asked.

She must have read the guilt on his face. Her eyes focused and the brightness seeped back into them, fueled by anger. Adam felt hope flutter in his chest. He knew this Evelyn. And—thank the stars—she knew him.

“It’s my turn to ask the questions. Here’s the first one.” Her brows drew down on her forehead, her lips pulled into a frown, and she pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose forcefully. “Are you an alien?”

Adam felt as if the ground had given way beneath him and he was free-falling. Not since his first zero-g maneuvers had he been this disoriented. His stomach was ricocheting against his ribs, his heart frantically looking for escape. His mind whirled pointlessly, offering nothing helpful, except the one word that escaped his lips.