Gray Card

CChandlerGrayCard2E 400The Department of Homeworld Security, Book 1 (Second Edition)

The Coalition wants him to command.

She wants him to love.

Gray Card — revised second edition.

Years of conquest in the vast reaches of space have left Adam restless. The High Council wants him at the head of the fleet. He only wants the wilds of Earth. Until her…

Evelyn has fallen hard for her best friend. But what could he ever see in a girl like her? When he says he has to leave, she offers up a desperate plan to help him stay.

But the man who holds the key to their happiness is harboring dark secrets that could threaten not only their love, but Earth itself.

Contains a sneak peek at Resident Alien, book two of The Department of Homeworld Security. Get it now!

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“We should get married,” Evelyn said.


“We should get married.”

“That’s not something to joke about.”

“I’m not joking.” She turned to face him, eyes bright and wide. She sat up straighter and leaned toward him with a broad grin on her face. “If we get married, you can stay here as long as you want.”

He had a vague understanding of the various laws on her planet about people from different countries marrying, but she couldn’t possibly fathom what she would be getting herself into. “I appreciate the offer, but—”

“You’re not interested. I get it. My mistake.”

She sat back—eyes shuttering, smile gone—and started to turn away. Adam couldn’t stop himself from reaching out and gently caressing her cheek, bringing her gaze back to him. The thought of marrying her, of living with her on Earth for the rest of his days… It was tempting.

There were cases where citizens of the Coalition had been assimilated into another culture, but they were extremely rare. Aside from the intense amount of bureaucracy he’s would have to navigate, it would mean giving up all of his resources, his rank, even his citizenship.

With his military background, the High Council would probably insist on implanting him with a tracker and a device that would fry anything more sophisticated than a standard computer if he came too close. The Coalition didn’t want anyone getting homesick for their technology—or doing worse.

A planet with Earth’s technology level could easily be exploited. Adam could pass off rudimentary Coalition tech as his own and make a fortune, then use his knowledge to turn that into political power.

No one would believe he was staying on Earth for love, even if that was what Evelyn was offering.

“We can’t get married just to fool them into letting me stay,” he said.

“Who said it would just be for them?” She tilted up her chin, gaze boring into him. “I have been crazy about you pretty much since we met. I will pass any test they throw at me about why I’m marrying you.”


He didn’t know what to say. Did she mean she loved him? He hadn’t dared to hope, to even consider that possibility. Maybe attraction, perhaps lust, certainly friendship, but love? The way his heart was beating, it was difficult to convince himself that he didn’t love her too.

If he stayed, he would have to give up everything…

“Marry me,” she said, her voice dropping almost to a whisper.

Adam leaned toward her, not pausing until their lips touched.