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Greetings, readers! Allow me to present a path through the vagaries of my mind that have found their way to a written form…

The Blades of JanusBlades of Janus Logo

Book One: Pack




Homeworld Icon

The Department of Homeworld Security

Book One: Gray Card

Book Two: Resident Alien

Book Three: Business or Pleasure

Book Four: Tied up in Customs

Book Five: Entry Visa

Book Six: Duration of Stay

Book Seven: Duel Citizenship

Book Eight: Invasive Species



Forbidden KnightsFKLogo 400

Book One: Forbidden Instinct




The Summer Park PsychicsSummerParkPsychicsLogo

Book One: Wandering Soul

Book Two: Whispering Hearts

Book Three: Lingering Touch


Single-Titles and Other Publications

Crafting a Writer’s Life: Building a Foundation (Nonfiction)

Leftovers” (short story in the anthology Gone with the Dead)


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