Nothing to Declare

Nothing to Declare 400 px CoverThe Department of Homeworld Security, Book 13

Sabrina’s tiny home town is filled with people who claim to have been visited by aliens, but she’s not falling for it. That is, until she stumbles across Len and the lizard he’s trained…to walk on two feet. And talk. But aliens aren’t real… Right?

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This was lots of fun – a great escape for an evening – and some tantalizing hints of what will be coming next in this series.” — 5-star Amazon review

She’s sure that aliens aren’t real—until she falls for one.

Sabrina knows that aliens don’t exist, even if her grandpa keeps telling people stories about his best friend, Craig—the giant, white-furred, four-armed Lyrian. If one more person mentions the “Space-Sasquatch,” she’s going to start throwing things—even if that person is a gorgeous, mysterious guy skulking around her pet parlor late at night. With his pet iguana. Oh, and by the way, he says they’re both aliens, too. Yeah, right.

When Len volunteered to help Cyan, the Vegan’s xenobiologist, collect DNA samples from Earth cats, he had no idea it would be such a dangerous mission. He thinks he’s lucked out when the human who catches them turns out to be the granddaughter of their contact on Earth—until she starts throwing things. Who knew she’d be so sensitive about her grandpa’s friendship with a Lyrian?

But their quest for cat DNA has caught the attention of another alien hanging around Sabrina’s home town—and this one isn’t looking to make friends. Can Len and Sabrina keep the people and pets of Harbor safe?

Main Content: Approximately 28,223 words, 139 (5.5 x 8.5) pages


“Craig. Oh my God, Craig.”

She looked up at the ceiling, blinking rapidly as if clearing her eyes. She sniffed again after a moment, then stared at the door.

“He’s real,” she said.


Finally, she looked back at Len.

“And you’re real, too.”

Len chuckled. “Last time I checked.”

She scowled, and the sight didn’t scare him, for once. She was prickly. She was possessive. And he couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to have all that fire defending him instead of keeping him away.

He wanted her passion.

His hands were on the sides of her face. He didn’t remember putting them there.

The scowl was gone.

“All of this…” she whispered, their faces close enough that he felt her breath warm on his skin.

“Is real. All of it.”

What would it feel like to press their lips together? To feel her warmth from even closer, and feed her his own.

Their lips were millimeters away when a voice broke into the moment.

“Um, so, I just woke up from stasis.”

Sabrina lurched back, turning toward the regen beds. One of the domes had opened and Xan was sitting up, staring at them.

“Shouldn’t there be a med-officer in here to check my stats?” Xan said.

“You’re fine,” Len snapped.

Xan arched an eyebrow. “You’re a science officer, not a med-tech.”

“That’s what regen beds are for,” Len said. “Fixing people.”

“I’d rather hear it from Orin or—”

Len cut him off. “Don’t you have a ship to navigate?”

Xan’s lips twitched up on one side briefly. He quickly made his expression more serious again. “My shift’s not for another standard Earth hour.”

“I should go,” Sabrina said.

“What? No.” Len shook his head.

“I need to get back to Earth.” She rolled her eyes, then covered her face with her hands. “I can’t believe I just said that.”

“This is a lot to process and—” he stopped as the feeling of being watched grew. Turning, Xan was still staring at the pair, openly smiling now, arms crossed and legs kicking under the table.

“Do you mind?” Len said.

“Me?” Xan pointed at his chest, his eyebrows rising comically. He made an overly thoughtful face, then shook his head. “Not at all.”

His grin only made Len angrier. They had been having a moment, and then it was ruined.

“Nice to know you guys have smart-alecks, too,” Sabrina said.

“What’s a smart-aleck?” Xan asked.

She cocked her head. “You have a mirror?”

Xan laughed, then turned to Len. “I like her. Does she have a twin?”

“She does not.” Sabrina slid to her feet, shaking off Len’s hand as he sought to steady her. She faced Xan with her own arms crossed over her chest and glared at him. “And she doesn’t like being talked about as if she’s not in the room.”

“Stars, Len.” Xan shook his head. “You’re luckier than a parcel in a nestling’s pouch.”

Sabrina turned toward Len and asked, “What does that even mean?”

“Parcels are little furry animals that Lyrians keep as pets,” Len said.

Xan let out a laugh. “What it means is that Len has obviously already… What do you Earthlings say? ‘Called dibs’.”