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This is where I post short stories that show a bit more about my characters and their histories. I may also post flash fiction here from time to time. Enjoy!

The Blades of Janus Series

24/7” — A Redcap stops by a twenty-four hour store to pick up some bandanas and sunglasses.

Something Borrowed” — A look inside Dexter’s point of view.

Trick or Treat” — Three dwellers enjoy the one day of the year when they can mingle with humans—and get some candy!

Merry X-mas” — Our favorite trio of dwellers celebrate the strange Earth holiday of X-mas.

The Department of Homeworld Security Series

A Homeworld Holiday — A chance meeting between an Earthling and a Sadirian on Christmas Eve.

The Forbidden Knights Series

The Run”  — The event which sets everything in motion.

The Summer Park Psychics Series

Winston”  — The story of how Elsa Sinclair met Winston Cooper.

Heinrich— The story of the death of Dante Lucerne’s father, Heinrich Gerhardt, and the first moment Dante saw Elsa.

All Hallow’s Eve…Part One— The moment when Garrett and Rachel first spoke, told from Garrett’s point of view.

All Hallow’s Eve…Part Two— The moment when Rachel and Garrett first spoke, told from Rachel’s point of view.

The Limo” — A glimpse of Finn Connelly using his psychic ability to investigate Dante Lucerne, and discovering much more than he expected.

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