Holiday Fun

I hope you’re all settling in for the holidays. I have a little more prep work, but we’re keeping things as low-key as possible this year and focusing on the dear ones in our lives as much as we can. Walks in the park and baking will figure in to the next few days prominently, I’m sure!


If you find yourself with a bit of time, I have a few holiday treats you might enjoy. For Department of Homeworld Security fans, there’s “A Homeworld Holiday“, which is a short story I wrote a couple years back. It takes place between Tied up in Customs and Entry Visa 🙂

For the Summer Park Psychics fans, there’s a super-sweet look at Dante and Elsa’s first Christmas together after they become parents. It’s called “Father Phantom” and lives on Night Owl Review’s web site <3

Johnny is rather dashing in that hat. Scarecrow thinks so, anyway.

And for the Blades of Janus fans, there’s a glimpse into what Christmas is like for Johnny Goblin and his strange ad-hoc family of dwellers in “Merry X-mas“. If you’d rather listen to me read it to you (along with a few images in video form), you can enjoy that on my YouTube channel 🙂

However you’re spending this holiday season, I wish you comfort and coziness.

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