It’s All in the Details

Writers are often asked about where their ideas come from. For me, that would be lightning strikes of creativity where my brain concatenates events and experience with my imaginative wanderings.

Ideas are a popular focus for questions, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone ask where the details of the story develop. This is just as fascinating to me. The details of a story are the building blocks for the tale. They’re the rich loamy soil where creativity can take root and flourish.

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Wandering Soul

Did I not mention yesterday, Wandering Soul is out in the world? I can only hope it is being well received and bringing joy to the people reading it. Okay, joy by the end. The characters have to go through challenges to get to their happy-ever-after!

In case you haven’t had a chance to read them yet, here are the backstory pieces that introduce the main characters:

Heinrich — the short piece about the loss of Dante’s father and the first time Dante and Elsa see each other.

Winston — the story of how Elsa met Winston, who is a favorite among the secondary characters of the series.

I hope you enjoy them (and the book!).

Wandering Soul Backstory – Heinrich

You’ve had a chance to meet not only Winston but Elsa, the heroine of Wandering Soul. It seems only fitting that I should introduce you to the hero as well.

Dante’s backstory piece is quite the opposite of Winston and Elsa’s. It’s the tragic and very permanent ending of one of Dante’s most important relationships. It’s also one of the most pivotal moments for Elsa and Dante—the first time they see each other. She’s in her astral form, traveling back in time. He’s experiencing the worst moment of his life.

The characters in my Paranormal Romances have to walk through the fire to reach their Happy-Ever-After. Have some tissues handy.

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Wandering Soul Review!

This just in…

Wandering Soul Cover

I decided to look for reviews of Wandering Soul and found one that just came out today! Hurray for serendipity!

I’m over-the-moon that the reviewer not only liked it so well but mentioned several things that I was specifically trying to accomplish with the book!

The paranormal aspects in this book are a bit light because I wanted to really focus on the character development-and she mentions both those things as well as…so many other great sentiments.

I’m kind of stunned. A bit in awe. Definitely honored.

I hope others enjoy the book as much as this reviewer did!

Reality + Alternate Reality = Surreality

It has been surreal to think about the events of Wandering Soul taking place each day as I’m living my normal life.

Walking through the grocery store, I’m picturing Elsa and Dante in Florida. They would be eating breakfast at about that time. Are they having pancakes? Cereal? I didn’t write that moment, so I don’t know for sure.

My awareness is stretched across two worlds—the real one, where I need to gas up the car and cook for my family—and the one I’ve created, where time travel is a given and love is the miracle.

It’s amazing.