It’s my 5-Year Indieversary!

On March 26 of 2016, I published my first Indie piece. It’s a superhero short story called “Second Sight.” 

In college, I was working on several comic book projects, and even tried my hand at drawing them. In the end, sequential-art storytelling just wasn’t for me. It takes me too long to write the story, draw everything, ink it, color it, etc. I decided sticking with prose was the best option for me to get out as many stories as I can (and there are so many of them swimming around in my head!). 

Back in 2016, I knew starting another series probably wasn’t the best idea, since at the time I was publishing two series with a traditional publishing house. But I also really wanted to dive into the Indie world. So, I wrote this little piece as an experiment. And readers loved it!

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Blood Moon Goals — 2020

This is the new moon before the Blood Moon, and wow… Just… wow. I realized that I totally blew by the actual Harvest Moon, as life has been intensely busy. Lots of harvests going on, and even more crops of new ventures being planted. But usually to make room for the new, we must let go of something. That’s where the energy of the Blood Moon comes in for me.


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