The Yule Cat Hit #1 in New Releases in Folklore!

I am so thrilled with the reception The Yule Cat is getting!  Readers are talking about it on Facebook and even in RL (thank you to the intrepid soul that let me know about that conversation!), sending me emails, leaving reviews, and spreading the word! In fact, so many people picked up a copy in the first few days that The Yule Cat hit the #1 spot in New Releases in Folklore and stayed there for two days!

I’m so grateful to everyone who helped give The Yule Cat such an amazing start in the world! Getting an orange banner (that “#1 New Release” on the above image) has been a bucket-list dream of mine. I was amazed to see it on a new series in a new world and a genre that I haven’t written in years.

I will definitely be writing more in this world once the Court of the Yuletide Fae trilogy is complete! Don’t worry, though. I’m still going to be writing my Sci-Fi Romances alongside these Paranormal Romances! I’m so happy to be reaching new readers and entertaining those of you who have been sharing this adventure with me all along. Thank you so much for telling others about my books and bringing more people into the fun! 💖 🎄

Get in the holiday spirit with this brand new Paranormal Romance series from USA  Today Bestselling Author Cassandra Chandler!

Christmas Eve has always been filled with extraordinary magic…

Melanie Woods has been waiting by the Christmas tree every year in the hope of seeing the Yule Cat one more time. When he doesn’t appear, she finally decides it is time to let go of her childhood fantasies and replace them with some very adult ones involving the gorgeous owner of an amazing, Christmas-themed bakery.

No one would guess that North Cotter is actually the Lord of the North Wind—more popularly known as the Yule Cat. No one except the child who stole her way into his heart when he was supposed to be taking her to the Yuletide Kingdom to offer as tribute to the Winter Queen. Banished by the Winter Queen when he fails to deliver, North is happy to remain in exile, making pastries that delight palates both mortal and immortal.

North’s solitary life changes when a blue-eyed beauty shows up on the steps of his bakery, having won a Christmas Eve baking lesson. He and Melanie are cooking up some Christmas magic that he hopes will last forever—if the Winter Queen doesn’t put a freeze on them. Will the fires of his and Melanie’s love be enough to melt the frozen heart of the Winter Queen, or will they be forced to spend their eternity together in a land of endless cold?

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