Blades of Janus Bonus Story — “Merry X-mas”

I had so much fun writing the bonus Blades of Janus short story, "Trick or Treat", that I decided to stop in and see how Johnny Goblin, Scarecrow, and Spriggan celebrate Christmas. Of course, it's as weird as you'd think 🙂 Christmas is my favorite holiday, too, Johnny ❤ Some day, maybe you'll learn to … Continue reading Blades of Janus Bonus Story — “Merry X-mas”


Forbidden Knights

I'm hard at work on my new Forbidden Knights series and have an exciting surprise for you. The series logo! I love how it turned out. Thank you, Matthew Blake, for making it for me! ❤ I've received such great feedback about the first book already ❤ It's pretty much done, but I need to … Continue reading Forbidden Knights

“The Run” — Forbidden Knights 0.5

Surprise! I'm unveiling my new paranormal romance series TODAY in the form of a short story prelude for the first book 😀 My newsletter subscribers saw this sneak peek over the weekend and I've heard such wonderful feedback already ❤   The series is called Forbidden Knights and follows a group of warriors who've been … Continue reading “The Run” — Forbidden Knights 0.5

Blades of Janus Bonus Story — “Trick or Treat”

Happy Halloween! I have a few special treats for you today, starting with a bonus story set in the world of The Blades of Janus. This one is just...weird. There's no getting around it. But when you're creating an alien take on fairy tales, you're bound to encounter some strange. Trick or Treat Copyright © … Continue reading Blades of Janus Bonus Story — “Trick or Treat”

The Spider-Headed Zombie Scifi Romance

I have a special treat for you today. It's the cover/title reveal for the spider-headed zombie scifi romance! Now we can all call it by it's real name 😀 Presenting... The Blades of Janus, Book One — Pack. This book is so near and dear to my heart. It has werewolves, ray guns, ghouls, hoverbikes, … Continue reading The Spider-Headed Zombie Scifi Romance

Happy Halloween! (a little early)

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. The creativity involved in coming up with costumes and becoming someone (or something) different has always appealed to my writer’s heart. This is also the Celtic holiday of Samhain, when the veil between worlds is thought to be thinnest. Those who have passed are free to return, along … Continue reading Happy Halloween! (a little early)