The Yule Cat Hit #1 in New Releases in Folklore!

I am so thrilled with the reception The Yule Cat is getting!  Readers are talking about it on Facebook and even in RL (thank you to the intrepid soul that let me know about that conversation!), sending me emails, leaving reviews, and spreading the word! In fact, so many people picked up a copy in the first few days that The Yule Cat hit the #1 spot in New Releases in Folklore and stayed there for two days!

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Forbidden Instinct

Any time I look back on Forbidden Instinct, I ask myself the same question. Why the heck haven’t I done more with this series?

I absolutely love it, have the second book halfway written, and have the rest of the series mapped out. Plus, I’ve received some of the absolutely best feedback about this series.

So, why haven’t I done more? The answer is… complicated.

Honestly? This series has a huge amount of potential, and I think that scares me. I know, it’s ridiculous and I should just push through and write it, but I really want to do this right. I haven’t given up on it, even though it’s been on the shelf for a while, and I’m actually still working on it in the background.

I will return full-heartedly to this series someday soon, I hope! And it will be epic…

To save the world, she’ll sacrifice anything—even the man she loves.

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