It’s Re-Release Day for Trade Secrets!

It’s re-release day for Trade Secrets! I’m so excited to share this story with you and hear what you think of it. Xan and Gwen are a great team, and Bandit is utterly adorable.

With this being a Department of Homeworld Security book, I did my best to keep the tone light and the plot somewhat ridiculous. These are meant to be light-hearted escapes, after all.

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One More Day till Trade Secrets Arrives!

That excerpt from Trade Secrets I shared yesterday reminded me of how much it drives me crazy that  Xan and others like him are in their society are so devalued. Or at least, how they were devalued by the High Council (if you’re following along with the series, you know they’ve encountered their karma already—and if you aren’t following along yet, this is a perfect time to catch up!). Tomorrow is the big day—Trade Secrets will be back in the world!

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Not-Quite Cover Reveal for Trade Secrets!

While I’m busy writing the fourth Cygnian 7 book, Dorn: A Scifi Alien Warriors Romance, I realized that I’m sitting on a book you might not have read yet! Trade Secrets is book 15 in my popular Department of Homeworld Security series. It was originally published in the Pets in Space® 6 anthology.

I’m not quite ready for a cover reveal, but do have this teaser for you!

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