Dorn is almost here

Dorn: A Scifi Alien Warriors Romance is only a few days away! I have an excerpt for you today with one of those heart-wrenching scenes. Wait till you find out what… No, no. I don’t want to spoil it 😉

* * *

Her heart was in her throat when she turned back to the screen. She reached out to Dorn, desperate to connect with him, to know that he was okay. That he had found Buddy. A wave of warmth washed through her, taking her breath away. She felt it like a caress, as though Dorn was in the room brushing his knuckles over her cheek.

Her voice broke as she tried to speak, but she managed to say, “How long?”

The hologram filled with light, so intense it blinded her. The station lurched beneath her feet, its own alarms blaring. Instinctively, she threw up her arms to shield her eyes. Blinking against the burning in her retinas, she forced herself to look back at the projection. A shower of sparks filled the edges of the hologram. The center…

The center was filled with shrapnel and debris. Huge fragments of metal hurtled toward them, the white light of the station’s shields growing brighter as they impacted. The floor lurched again, but not as harshly as before. Some of the metal flying toward them still burned around the edges, though the embers faded quickly in the cold vacuum of space.

Amy clasped her hand to her mouth and shook her head, tears streaming down her cheeks. She took a step closer to the hologram, unable to breathe, unable to think.

Unable to feel Dorn.

* * *

Dorn is almost here! Be sure to pre-order your copy now! 💖

Catch up with the Cygnian 7 while you wait for Dorn to launch!


He never expected to find his soulmate.

Bound by a sacred oath, Lar has selflessly dedicated his life to place the needs of his crown prince above all others, including his own. Taking the oath was easy in his youth—with the population imbalance facing his people, there was no hope of Lar finding a soulmate. He never expected to be tempted to break his oath. But then he journeyed to Earth.

Sophie Myers doesn’t have time to heal from the trauma of alien abduction. Nor can she allow herself to be distracted by Lar, one of the giant blue warriors who rescued her.  She has no time for romance now that a shapeshifting alien mercenary threatens her family.  But when she discovers she wasn’t the only one taken, her only hope is to place her trust in Lar.

Their search for answers only turns up more questions—and uncovers a threat bigger than either could ever imagine. Will the temptation of their growing bond lead them to a new life together, or will it ultimately send them to their death?

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